Christmas decoration ideas

Handicrafts with children – this is how Christmas is really fun!

tinker with kids christmas bauble hand print red sequins

Christmas is dedicated to the family. The children in particular are very much looking forward to it. You can make the little ones happy and sweeten the wait by making colorful Christmas decorations together. That Crafting with children is a lovely pastime that the whole family can enjoy.

Handicrafts with children – make colorful Christmas decorations out of paper

handicrafts with children cardboard green fold fir tree idea

Do you need new Christmas decorations? Let the kids help out – they’re sure to love it. The trick that did this Crafting with children maybe it’s up to the preparation. Small children in particular are incredibly happy when they can take part in the decorating. Choose 3-4 of our paper handicraft ideas and organize a children’s party. Invite the neighborhood children over for tea and cake. Affectionately decorate the table and prepare watercolors and paper. Cut out different paper figures and let the children color them. Decorate the figures with felt, glitter or small decorative stones. A Christmas tree can be made from several coffee filters. To be on the safe side, prepare additional drawings with Christmas themes for coloring. Organize a game that everyone can participate in. Write on a piece of paper – What would I do if I found Santa Claus in the chimney in the morning? – and ask the children for an answer.

Handicrafts with children – decorate the house festively

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That Crafting with children can be a lot of fun – you can quickly beautify the house with the little helpers. Make advent calendars together, hang up your Christmas boots by the fireplace and decorate the Christmas tree. Enjoy the run-up to Christmas with the little ones and have fun together!

Make figures out of beads and wire

tinker with children wire silver beads colorful star christmas

Make decorations for Christmas with the children

handicrafts with children paper fir tree orange pine cones

Advent calendar for the children

Cardboard boxes colorful decoration idea children red green

Tinker fir trees

cut out garland handicrafts make table decorations yourself

Christmas tree decorations made of pincers and tree balls made of cardboard

colorful Christmas decorations decorating candy canes

Make colorful Christmas decorations yourself

Christmas children preparing cups

Sewing Christmas boots from fabric

hang up Nicholas waiting for advent calendar idea

Christmas tree made from muffin cups

Christmas advent season Christmas tree coffee filter

Snowman made of paper and felt

Prepare cardboard snowman to cut out

Paper figures Rudolf Reindeer tinker ideas

Deko Rudolf Reindeer organize a children's party

Festive decorating house hanging up Christmas boots

Christmas festive decorate red green white

Table candy gingerbread candy canes

Tinker card children cut out felt

Toilet rolls Santa Claus elves snowman felt

Christmas tree drawing hand prints

Front door Christmassy children craft ideas snowman front door

Mother daughter family time advent calendar

tinker with children paper plate christmas tree idea ribbons sequins colorful

tinker with children paper cup reindeer idea antler paper easy

handicrafts with children santa claus paper plate wadding beard wiggle eyes

Tinker with children Christmas tree sequins star fringed paper

handicrafts with children spindle reindeer snowman paint christmas tree decorations