Christmas decoration ideas

Goodbye Christmas stress – creative gift ideas not just for the last minute

Christmas-diy-ucycling-packaging gift ideas

Home-made Christmas gifts are very trendy again. The new keywords are do it yourself / DIY or upcycling. The ecologically conscious use the resources accumulated over the years in the home to charm the recipient with brand new creations and unique items. Not only at Christmas, of course. Especially as resourceful souvenirs for birthdays or garden party invitations you can get some aaahs and oohs. In this article you will find some creative gift ideas that are easy and quick to replicate.

Cardboard gift ideas

Gift ideas -christmas-upcycling-cardboard-toilet rolls

Cardboard, for example, is a very good starting material for opening pine cones based on nature. You can create wonderful Christmas calendars from the paper rolls of the toilet paper by wrapping them with colored paper and adding a cardboard cover on the front and back, which is provided with the corresponding number on the front side.

Gift ideas made from mason jars and tin cans


Fancy tealight holders can be made out of flat tin cans such as tuna. Simply remove the lid, spray the rest of the can with paint (e.g. gold or white). Then paint on decorative tape or decorative motifs such as Christmas tree etc. or spray on using a stencil.

gift ideas-christmas-glass-fairy lights-twigs-candy canes

Spacious disposable glasses can be converted into mood lights. Simply put an LED light chain into the glass and the light is ready. Of course, the glasses can also be painted or sprayed with stencils, so that lighting effects can be achieved. Sprayed with gold / silver, they can also be used as a vase for Christmas twigs or decorative materials.

gift ideas-christmas-tree-decorations-tinker-kids-salt-dough

If you still need a last-minute tip for Christmas tree decorations, you can quickly fall back on salt dough figures. Children can also help with this, because the salt dough can be made very quickly from two parts of flour, two parts of salt (best measure with a cup) and ½ part of water, which should be as lukewarm as possible. The dough is simply rolled out and cut out like normal cookie dough. After two hours of drying time at room temperature, the salt dough figures are baked for one hour at 60 to 80 degrees and again at 100-120 degrees for two hours. The figures can then be painted with paint and decorated with glitter, etc. The figurines not only leave a lasting impression on their own tree, but are also nicely packaged as gifts.

gift ideas-christmas-gift-bags-do-it-yourself-tinker-brown paper

You don’t have a gift bag on hand? Make one yourself! You can make enchanting gift bags with a very personal touch yourself from sturdy calendar sheets in no time at all. Instructions for this and many other ideas are available on the Internet.

Since DIY is now almost a must-have and upcycling fits perfectly with it, some tinkerers and creative people have already started their own ideas. Are you also thinking about this and are you still looking for financing options? Investing in stocks is part of a good financing portfolio. Under find the best brokers who can give you the best bang for your buck.

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