Christmas decoration ideas

DIY: Make Christmas cards yourself and design them creatively

Make Christmas cards yourself - idea-rhinestones-angel-motif-red-berries

Admittedly, Christmas is still a little way off. But if you want to save yourself the typical Christmas stress in December this year, you should think of something important now: the Christmas cards for your loved ones. And creativity is rewarded, because friends and relatives are particularly happy about the homemade variant. Making Christmas cards yourself is not difficult and is great fun for children and adults.

Make Christmas cards yourself – have cards printed online

Make diy Christmas cards yourself and have them printed

If you don’t feel like tinkering with the cards yourself or don’t have the time, you still don’t have to resort to purchased cards. For example one can click on print beautiful Christmas cards online. There are templates in a wide variety of designs, so there is something for everyone. Of course you can define the text yourself. You can also have Christmas invitations, table cards or menu cards printed on the online printing portal. A good method for those who don’t like handicrafts!

Make and decorate Christmas cards yourself

DIY Christmas cards yourself - ideas

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Craft fans can grab paper and scissors themselves. While this is more time consuming, it is a lot of fun. For handicrafts you should definitely have the following at home:

  • Construction paper in different colors and thicknesses (red, green, silver, gold, dark blue are particularly suitable as colors)
  • Glue and scissors
  • pencil
  • rubber stamp
  • small applications or stickers with Christmas motifs
  • Glitter
  • everything that can be found in the forest in winter (branches, pine cones, acorns)
  • Fabric ribbons
  • Masking tapes (colorful adhesive tapes)


Who stamp with Christmas motifs should use a red or green ink pad for the cards. That goes best with the contemplative time.

If you have a lack of ideas, you can also get inspiration here. You can also find stylish templates in this article.

A photo as a greeting card for Christmas


A particularly original idea is to send a photo for Christmas. Whether a family photo or a funny Christmas selfie – the photo as a card is always well received. If you don’t want the postman to see the picture, simply put the creative “card” in an envelope. There are creative examples of a couple’s photo, for example on Pinterest.