Christmas decoration ideas

Decorating your living room for Christmas – 35 inspirations

you Living room at christmas to decorate can be a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family. Everyone can take part by making their own decorations or arranging decorations that have already been purchased. The living room is often where the largest Christmas tree in the house is placed, so it would be best to start from there. Read our tips and check out some inspirations!

Decorate the living room for Christmas – choose a color combination

living room for christmas victorian purple blue pink colors christmas tree

Decide on a color palette and style. If you decorate your Christmas tree with decorations in a certain style (e.g. country style or Scandinavian), you can continue this theme throughout the room. You can use simple decorations in traditional Christmas colors. Red-gold and blue-silver are classics.

Living room for Christmas – simple decorations

living room for christmas simple wreath mirror branches cushions red white

If you prefer it simpler, you can simply represent the Christmas season with a suitable color combination. Even the beach style is suitable for this purpose, as you can see in the photo. This gives you a relaxed facility that still has class.

Decorate your living room for Christmas and enjoy it with all your senses

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Christmas decorations in the living room – light up everything

Dark living room with white decorations

living room for christmas blue decoration fireplace sock gifts

If your living room is rather dark, you can consider the white color for the decoration. Choose a white Christmas tree, figurines or such mobiles. The living room at Christmas looks particularly elegant and cozy.

Christmas mood in the Scandinavian style

living room for christmas scandinavian style winter paddle wall decoration

Simplicity is also the keyword in the Scandinavian interior. Decorations made of wood can exude a Christmas mood when combined with traditional Christmas decorations such as Christmas tree balls.

Decorate your living room for Christmas – pillows and blankets

living room for christmas-decorating-blankets-pillows-advent wreath

Get throw pillows and blankets in festive colors for sofas and armchairs. If these are monochrome, they can also be used at other times.

Window decoration in the living room

living room-christmas-window-decoration-red-candle-holder-poinsettias

Place lots of candles and / or lanterns around the room as decoration, which will give the room a soft light. Candles with a Christmas scent like apple and cinnamon would be perfect. Wrap large boxes with wrapping paper and place them around the room.

Lots of glowing candles and fairy lights


Elegant Christmas decoration in white

living room for christmas scandinavian white christmas tree decorations

living room for christmas bright furnishing christmas tree white

Living room decoration in red and white


Christmas decorations in country style

living room for christmas-decoration-fir-tree-jewelry-gifts

elegant in white and gray

living room for christmas decoration-silver-white-hanging-advent-wreath

Decorations in purple and gold

living room for christmas deco-green-jewelry-gift-wrapping

Flowers and candle holders on the coffee table

living room for christmas coffee table decoration candle holder flowers

red throw pillow with reindeer

Christmas mood-living room-cozy blankets-pillows

Natural materials and white decorations


Berries and fir branches all over the house

christmas-decoration-living room-fireplace-fir-branches-berry-candles


christmas-decoration-silver-vases-candlesticks-small-fir-tree-bird-cage-fairy lights




christmas living room-decoration-red-pillow-wise-snowflake



deco-christmas-living room-candy-canes-candles-fairy lights

living room for christmas christmas tree fairy lights garlands

living room-christmas-scandinavian-white-gray


living room for christmas mediterranean fir tree simple deco sofa white

living room for christmas gold accents christmas tree idea socks fireplace ceiling design

living room for christmas garland wreath mantelpiece elegant gray white interior

living room for christmas window garlands ribbon red lantern gray couch

living room for christmas red white decoration christmas tree reindeer