Christmas decoration ideas

Decorating the banisters for Christmas – various creative ideas

Banister for Christmas decorate evergreen twigs red accents loop

There are so many areas in the house to decorate at Christmas time and they all add to a unique atmosphere! And although just about anything can be used for the Christmas decoration, a certain harmony should be ensured. Everything has to fit together! Today we would like to introduce you to a few nice ideas for the railing of the stairs, so that the usually uncomfortable stair area becomes more atmospheric. So if you also want to decorate the house entrance for Christmas, you can include the stairs right away. And if your staircase is in the living room, you can easily expand the rest of the Christmas decorations for the house with these ideas and at the same time decorate the living room for Christmas. If you want to decorate the banister for Christmas, you can use various deodorant elements. But now we come to the pretty inspirations!

Decorate the banisters for Christmas with the classic – fir green

Stair railing for Christmas decorating fir green traditional Christmas decoration

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the design of the banister is probably the traditional garlands made of fir green. Is there anything more Christmassy? Such garlands are available in a wide variety of designs from simple models to lavish versions in which the branches are combined with pine cones, ribbons and bows, fairy lights and Christmas balls. So you can find something suitable for every taste and decorate the banister for Christmas and if not – just make the Christmas garland you want yourself!

Banister for Christmas decorate fir branches traditional balls fairy lights pine cones

It is recommended to use artificial fir branches or at least if you want to use the decoration in the years to come. However, if you are also satisfied with a Christmas decoration for the entrance area that lasts for a season, opt for fresh branches. Of course, this also brings a pleasant scent into the house.

Other evergreen branches to decorate the stairs

Stair railings for Christmas decorate evergreen branches ribbons beige modern simple

If you want to turn away from the traditional and use something other than fir branches for the banister inside, you are welcome to use other evergreens. The selection is also very large here: boxwood, mistletoe, juniper, laurel, holly, thuja and many other representatives are great. They look no less Christmassy than fir branches and yet more unusual and refreshing.

Christmas banisters decorate modern deco evergreen branches quickly and easily

If you use these branches to decorate the banister for Christmas, you can combine them with other elements. In principle, it’s nothing else. In order to create a harmonious interplay between the Christmas decorations for the banister and the rest of the decorations, it is also advisable to use the branches selected in other areas of the room and house.

Decorate stair railings for Christmas – ideas with fairy lights

Christmas banister decorate led fairy lights white light modern christmas tree

The fact that the evergreen garlands often have chains of lights incorporated is nothing new. However, the fairy lights can also be used solo and then look simpler, but no less Christmassy. At the same time, a dark entrance area, which looks even darker in winter, can be nicely lit. You also have the choice between yellow, colored or white and modern lights. Everything is a question of taste and of course the furnishing and decorating style.

Christmas banisters decorate pretty fairy lights deco idea lighting

Wrap the fairy lights as well as garlands around the railing or let them hang freely downwards. You are welcome to use star-shaped light bulbs instead of simple lightbulbs if you decorate the stairs with fairy lights. There is actually a large selection nowadays. And if only lights are too simple for you, just add a few other things such as ribbons, bows or one of the other decoration ideas for Christmas from our list.

Decorate the banister with ribbons

Stair railings decorate Christmas ribbons Christmas tree entrance area

Such tapes can be used particularly quickly and easily for the design of the staircase area. If you have waited until the last minute with the decoration or decided spontaneously to decorate the stairwell as well, this is a suitable last-minute idea that is not only very cheap, but for which you may already have the necessary materials have at home.

Stair railings decorate Christmas ribbons grind a discreet spiral staircase

Pick a festive ribbon that is otherwise used for bows and just wrap it around the railing. If you are satisfied with a simple decoration, it is no longer necessary. Alternatively, you can add a string of lights or a few bows here and there. The whole thing becomes a bit lush again with fir or other evergreens. Come up with something creative if you want to decorate the banister with ribbons for Christmas.

Tree decorations as railing decoration

Stair railings decorate Christmas tree decorations idea pearl necklace elegant stylish

You can add color not only with ribbons but also with typical tree decorations. Christmas baubles or other jewelry that is usually hung on the tree is just perfect as an accent in the middle of a green railing decoration, but also with a simple chain of lights. So if you still have old tree decorations that you have replaced with new ones and that have been in boxes in the attic since then, you can now put them back in and decorate the banister for Christmas. And if not, just get some new models and hang them loosely on the railing.

Decorate the railing with photos for Christmas

Stair railing decorate christmas photos family christmas decoration stair area

Usually the time before Christmas is also the time when you take the annual family photos with the family. Whether in the home environment or in a studio does not matter. What is certain, however, is that you usually have the photos in your hand before Christmas. And instead of packing them into the album right away, use them as beautiful Christmas decorations for the railing! It is guaranteed to make a great impression on the guests and will delight you every time you walk past the stairs.

Decorate the banister in the apartment for Christmas with other decorations

Stair railing decorate Christmas pinwheel fan paper notepaper vintage

In general, the most atypical decorations can also be used for Christmas without making the overall picture look less Christmassy. With such compartments you can decorate for Christmas just as well as with other typical Christmas things. It is only important that you either use the right colors or combine the fans with Christmas decorations. You can also make fans yourself. If you use newsprint or music paper, you can even create a romantic vintage look.

Stair railing decorate Christmas red white party decoration Christmas

These original party decorations are actually not typical for Christmas either. However, the choice of color and the shape of the bells transforms them into the perfect variants with which you can decorate the banister for Christmas. So if you go shopping for Christmas decorations again, be sure to keep an eye out for such variations and create an upbeat atmosphere.