Christmas decoration ideas

Decorating a silver tray for Christmas – 19 tasteful decoration ideas

Tray in silver -christmas-decoration-cutlery-real-vintage

A tray serves as a practical helper in the household, decorates the table at the same time when it is beautifully decorated in an ensemble with other objects. As a decorative accessory, it is suitable for all playful table decorations for Christmas. We offer 15 chic decoration ideas Tray in silver, which can easily be realized. If you have one, do it yourself, if not, don’t waste time and treat yourself to one. It is classy, ​​chic and a real highlight in the modern home.

Silver tray for splendid table decorations for Christmas

Tray in silver -christmas-decorations-real-old-vintage-patina

Few people own a tray made of real silver and most of the time it belongs to a whole set that is inherited through generations. In order for this gem to come into its own, hardly anything is needed. Rely on elegant simplicity and sparingly emphasize the wintry, Christmassy note. Artificial snow and small thematic figures would give a playful flair without distracting from the beautiful silver shimmer

Christmas decoration – silver tray

Tray in silver -christmas-decoration-candles-soup tureen

Silver and white is a timeless combination that is always up-to-date and goes well with every style of living. Original collectibles and handicrafts will provide variety in the calm atmosphere. The idea of ​​making snow globes out of leftover wine glasses is particularly imaginative. Chic, but long unused tableware can be used as decoration.

Lavishly decorate the silver tray for Christmas

Tray in silver -christmas-deco-ideas-ku% cc% 88che-salt shaker-geu% cc% 88tlich

Boldly arrange the different collectibles, no matter what style they belong to. Just stick to the color concept that you have thought through and determined in advance. Don’t forget the candles. It is precisely these with their warm flame that create a harmonious, cozy atmosphere. Pick any number of white candles of the same size.

Chic, simple decoration for Christmas – silver tray, candles, cones and other decorative elements

Tray in silver -christmas-deco-silver-cones

Natural materials that can be found in the garden, park or simply on the way home can be wonderfully arranged in a silver platter. Cones, anise stars, cinnamon sticks and small fir branches can be used well. Next to it, put which Christmas ball in any size and perhaps which finds that are characterized by a silver shimmer.

Decoration for Christmas in the Scandinavian style with a tray in silver 


Now we make an explanation that the silver platter does not always mean the one made from the well-known precious metal. Modern, new designs reproduce the popular optics and provide #similar effects. These materials are often easier to care for than real silver, as it has the property of creating a patina and requires regular polishing to remove it.

Small decorative objects and a silver tray as a simple Christmas decoration

Tray-silver-christmas-decoration-ideas-metal-decoration-tree-candle holder

Fresh green always creates a cheerful atmosphere, which is particularly desirable during the cold season. The decorative boxwood balls look particularly cute when they are decorated with small Christmas balls. As evergreen plants, they hardly need any maintenance and regular watering is not required.

Arrange round tray in silver with book tree and Christmas balls for Christmas


In the modern style of living, more and more expensive and much too lavish decoration is being saved. Be practical and choose decorative elements that really fit the concept. The noble tablet in silver also fits jewelry such as silver rings and others that can easily be used in a playful way. Pearls become balls that adorn the mini boxwood. Be creative, but don’t overdo it.

Round tray in silver for harmonious outdoor decoration for Christmas

Tray-silver-christmas-decoration-ideas-outdoor-candles-fir branches

A silver-look tray is also useful in the outdoor area. Place beautiful lanterns, fir branches, small apples, cones and others with natural origins on it, which go well with a harmonious garden decoration.

Send Christmas table decorations in silver on a tray

If a silver platter isn’t available, get one made of another nice material, such as wood, and arrange with items in silver tones. Stay true to the concept with the main color ‘silver’ and make sure that silver predominates in the rest of the table decorations. A lot of things can be transformed in seconds with a spray paint.

Decorate the tray for Christmas – with natural materials and Christmas balls in silver


A tray made of natural material, such as wicker, may be the best solution if your home is furnished in a country style and you want a silver decoration. The metallic nuances go more with the simple, modern furnishings than with the cozy cottage. Nevertheless, there are Christmas balls and Christmas tree decorations in silver made of real glass with metal pendants that look absolutely rustic and used and can be wonderfully integrated into the rural ambience.

Chic, elegant Christmas decorations for the table – metallic shimmer


Ceramic, the surface of which is specially processed to shimmer, achieves an effect similar to the silver tray and can be wonderfully combined with metallic colors. Pick out the rest of the items so that they are made exclusively in silver, gold or copper. Place a glass or porcelain container with a reflective surface next to it. Don’t forget the lights as this will bring out the shimmer.

Vintage tray in silver, brass or copper for Christmas decorating


Vintage is currently really trendy in the field of fashion, but also in design. Old objects with traces of use, which provide evidence of past stories, serve as highlights that give the room design an individual touch. Well-preserved items can certainly be found on the flea market, but newly produced items have the popular used look.

Decorate a round tray made of fine materials for Christmas

Tray-round-christmas-decoration-ideas-brass-polished-table decoration

In addition to silver, brass is another very popular material for making trays. Smoothly polished brass is reminiscent of old gold and is therefore very effective. A round brass tray is particularly suitable for festive table decorations for Christmas. There are plenty of other small items made of the same material, thematically appropriate for the Christmas season. These are not cheap, but a timeless decoration that is also not easily damaged.

Achieve the mirror effect of the tray in silver with a mirror and decorate it for Christmas

Tray-silver-christmas-decoration-ideas-screw-glass% cc% 88ser-mirror-candles

The effect of the reflective surface that a silver tray creates can be easily visualized with a mirror. The visual attraction is a lot bigger, so the surface is perfectly smooth. Place objects made of glass or metal on it that also reflect the light and create an unmistakable eye-catcher on the Christmas table.