Christmas decoration ideas

Decorating a Christmas tree: examples and tips for the most popular color combinations

There are simply no limits when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. From overloaded to minimalist and monochrome – everything is possible here. Would you like to decorate the Christmas tree and are you looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas decorations? Then just browse through our examples of festive tree decorations. Here you will find numerous ideas for colors and color combinations, materials and optics as well as different styles for decoration. let yourself be inspired!

Decorating a Christmas tree traditionally: which color combinations are suitable?

elegant Christmas tree decorate red black gold

Regardless of whether your Christmas tree is real or artificial, you can put it in the limelight with the right tree decorations. The color palette plays a decisive role here. Would you like to decorate the Christmas tree traditionally? Then colors like red, gold and green simply cannot be missing.

Tree decorations in red and gold

Decorate the Christmas tree which colors are suitable

The red and gold combination is a real Christmas classic and stands for timelessness and tradition. These colors are particularly effective on the green Christmas tree. Mix matte and glossy balls, stars and other classic pendants to create a beautiful, festive overall picture. Would you like to decorate the Christmas tree in the traditional way, but you are rather bored with the old balls? Then opt for unusual tree decorations in classic colors. The imagination knows no limits.

Traditional tree decorations – balls and bows in red and gold

Christmas tree traditionally decorated with red gold balls bows

Opt for the classic – tree decorations in red, gold and green

Christmas tree decorate classic red gold green

Hang the tinsel for a traditional look

Classic red gold Christmas tree decorations combined with fairy lights

Extraordinary tree decorations in classic colors: tassels and feathers

Red gold Christmas tree decorate tassels and feathers as a decoration

Christmas tree decorate in red and silver

simple Christmas tree decorations Christmas balls in red silver

Are you worried that the colors on your Christmas tree don’t go well together? Then it’s best to opt for a uniform color palette of one or two colors, but no more. So you can’t go wrong. Another classic combination that is more suitable for a modern apartment is the red and silver color palette.

Combine Christmas tree decorations in red and silver

Christmas tree decorate example red silver

Red and silver artificial snow Christmas tree decorated with beautiful pendants 

Artificial snow Christmas tree decorate ideas

Decorate the Christmas tree in an American way

Christmas tree red blue American decorated bead garlands

The classic American Christmas decorations are also trendy with us. But how can you decorate the Christmas tree in American style? The Christmas tree should be large, as opulent tree decorations are an option with this style. Balls, candy canes, sweets, ribbons and fairy lights should not be missing. The most commonly used colors for the American Christmas tree are the colors of the USA flag, namely red, white and blue.

XXL balls in red and blue on the artificial snow Christmas tree

Christmas tree American decorate white blue red combine

Decorate the Christmas tree – examples in red and white

Christmas tree decorate example white red stars and balls

The combination of white and red for the Christmas tree is just as classic, but a little more modern. Why? Red is without a doubt THE color of Christmas. However, it does need a complementary color and white is great for that. Take a look at the examples of the Christmas tree in red and white. The combination looks particularly Christmassy, ​​doesn’t it?

Decorate living room for Christmas red and white

White Red Christmas Decoration Ideas Christmas Tree Ornaments

Knitted wool pendants for a cozy ambience

knitted Christmas tree decorations in white and red

Decorate the fir tree at the house entrance

Christmas tree decorate white red angel paper tree decorations

Idea for original Christmas tree decorations – big stars and bells in red and white

Tree decorations ideas red white star balls bells

Natural and beautiful: decorate the Christmas tree in green

Christmas decorations in green gold color palette

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in a classic way, but are looking for a change from red, you are definitely right with green tree decorations. Green combines wonderfully with white or beige and makes the decoration look particularly natural.

Combine green Christmas balls with white stars and snowflakes

decorate real Christmas tree green white

Decorate a Christmas tree in a modern way: Examples of metallic tree decorations

festive fir tree decorated white gold

The metallic tree decorations look particularly elegant and modern. Choose ornaments and balls in gold, silver and copper to give the Christmas decoration an elegant touch. You can use this both as an accent and as a uniform look. Do not do without a string of lights, because this brings out the metallic tones even better.

Noble Christmas decorations in gold and white

Christmas tree decorated with Christmas wreath white gold

But with which colors can metallic tones be best combined? White is a great opportunity, of course, but it’s not the only one. We show you examples of metallic tree decorations in combination with green, pink, black and brown. Perhaps you will find exactly the idea that would best suit your home.

Sparkling fairy lights put the golden decoration on the Christmas tree in the limelight

noble Christmas decoration white gold silver Christmas tree

Arrange tree balls nicely: Create a diagonal from monochrome balls

Christmas tree decorate white gold tips

Metallic tree decorations in gold and silver

Christmas tree decorated white gold silver

Mix glossy and matt balls

Fir tree to adorn white gold silver green

Mix and match on the Christmas tree: use rough and smooth haptics for an elegant look

Silver Gold Green Tree Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Combine white and silver for a modern look

Christmas tree decorate white silver natural wood decoration

Metallic tree decorations in pink and gold

small Christmas tree gold pink decorate with baubles bow

Gold poinsettia and golden berry branches as part of the tree decorations

Pink gold color combination for decorating Christmas tree

Real Christmas tree decorated with pink Christmas balls in a velvet look

Tree decorations in pink gold for Christmas tree

Decorate the artificial snow Christmas tree with balls in gold, silver and pink

Christmas tree with artificial snow decorate pink gold fairy lights

Combine metallic accents with black and white ribbon

Christmas tree white pink gold decorate with garland in black and white

Modern Christmas decorations in rose gold – great idea to imitate

Christmas tree white pink decorated with artificial snow

The artificial snow on the Christmas tree sets the scene for rose gold Christmas pendants

Christmas tree decoration ideas pink gold tree decorations

Pink decorate white Christmas tree

white christmas tree pink gold decorate elegant

Modern color combination for the Christmas tree: pink and silver

large Christmas tree decorate example white pink opulent

Pink and silver Christmas tree decorate with copper accents

Pink silver copper Christmas tree decoration idea

Christmas pendants made of different materials

Christmas tree decorations pink silver ideas from different materials

Adapt the color palette for the Christmas decorations to the interior

Christmas tree decorated white pink ideas for tree decorations

Decorate the Christmas tree black and gold

natural Christmas tree decorated gold black

Artificial Christmas tree in black for the modern apartment

black Christmas tree decorate unusual Christmas decorations

Golden garlands of leaves and cones pendants look particularly elegant on the black Christmas tree

Christmas tree black gold decorate leaves garland

Decorate the Christmas tree brown and gold for a cozy ambience

Christmas tree brown gold decorated noble Christmas decoration

Decorate the Christmas tree with brown Christmas balls, satin ribbons and fairy lights

Decoration for Christmas fireplace with candles Christmas tree brown gold

Cones and acorns are perfect for a natural tree ornament in brown-gold

Christmas tree decorations

Natural decoration for the Christmas tree

Scandinavian Christmas decorations decorate the Christmas tree with paper flowers

Do you find the classic Christmas decorations rather kitschy and would you like to focus on more sustainability? In that case, you should primarily choose natural materials and looks when decorating your Christmas tree. You can also make the tree decorations yourself and save some money on expensive decorations.

Use ornaments and pendants made from natural materials

Christmas tree of course decorate tree ornaments made of wood white

Combine wood and fabric for the tree decorations

Naturally decorate the Christmas tree with tree decorations made of wood

Bows made of jute combine wonderfully with shiny Christmas balls

Decorate the Christmas tree with DIY bows and balls

Winter wonderland decoration: Spray the artificial Christmas tree with artificial snow for a natural look

Decorate artificial snow Christmas tree with plush toys

Decorate the Christmas tree in one color

Christmas tree monochrome decorate white Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations in white look particularly natural on the green Christmas tree

Fir tree in the pot decorate white

White balls with ornaments made of crystal for an elegant Christmas decoration

white tree decorations look elegant and classy

Filled glass balls and preserving jars are ideal as tree decorations 

white tree decorations made of glass for Christmas tree

Make artificial snow for the Christmas tree yourself from cotton

Decorate fir tree with cottages snowflakes cotton

Decorate the Christmas tree in a different way: add more color

Christmas decorations in blue tones Christmas tree white blue decorated

You can’t go wrong with a little paint either. If you want to make the Christmas decorations a little more playful, just add more color. From the classic combination of white and blue to tree decorations in all rainbow colors – with a little imagination you can decorate the Christmas tree individually. A couple of nice examples can be found below.

Tree decorations in blue and white

Christmas tree decorations in blue and white with bows

Combine ornaments in blue and white with blue LEDs

Christmas tree white blue decorate flowers fairy lights

Set accents with pine cones and green balls

Christmas tree decorate example in blue and silver artificial snow tree

White felt gloves and a blue and white snowflake made of wooden sticks decorate this Christmas tree

Christmas tree blue white decorate with tree balls snowflakes gloves

Decorating a small Christmas tree in pink and mint green: idea with pompons

Mini Christmas tree decorate pink mint green modern

Colorfully decorate the Christmas tree

Colorfully decorate Christmas tree with children

Attach colored fairy lights for a colorful Christmas tree

Christmas tree colorfully decorated fairy lights Christmas stockings

Christmas tree colorfully decorated in rainbow colors

Christmas tree decorate colorful decorations in rainbow colors

Christmas is a family celebration, so invite the whole family to decorate the Christmas tree! We wish you a lot of fun!