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Decorate the sledge for Christmas – 14 atmospheric ideas for inside and outside

ideas to decorate sled for christmas natural material

Would you like to beautify the apartment and the house entrance with original decorations for Christmas and are you looking for inspiration and tips? In this article we have put together great Christmas decoration ideas with an old sleigh that will put your home in a Christmas mood. How you can decorate a sleigh for Christmas and integrate it into the Christmas decoration is shown in the article!

paint sledge make christmas decorations yourself

Anyone who lives in regions with a lot of snow in winter and has children will certainly have at least one sledge. Sledges can not only be fun for the children in the winter months, they are also perfect for Christmas decorations. They can be decorated as you like and set up either in front of the front door or anywhere in the house. You can decorate a sleigh for Christmas in different ways, the main thing is that the decoration is in harmony with the upcoming festival.

Decorate the house entrance with a sleigh for Christmas

house entrance sledge for christmas decorate door wreath

So if you have an old or unused sleigh, you can turn it into a creative decoration for Christmas. The possibilities for this are numerous. With a decorated sleigh, both the decoration outside and the inside can be made more original. You will find inspiration for both variants in our picture gallery.

deco house entrance garlands door wreath sledge

Sledges are usually made of wood or wood and metal and are an instant reminder of winter and Christmas holidays. If you want to decorate the entrance area of ​​your house with it, then you should first decorate it with suitable Christmas decorations. A wonderful idea for this is of course the fir green, which can even be made into a pretty wreath.

sleigh christmas decoration jute ribbon fir green

Before decorating a sleigh for Christmas, you should decide whether you want to place it on the floor or upright. If the available space is limited, simply lean the decoration against the wall and decorate the upper area. In addition to the real or artificial fir branches, you could think of a suitable bow. This can be made from any material, in this example jute ribbon is used.

Christmas decoration sledge fairy lights loop ice skates

If you want to create an eye-catcher not only during the day, but also in the evening, you can decorate the sled for Christmas with fairy lights. The little lights are best combined with other decorations, such as Christmas wreaths, garlands, or why not with a pair of ice skates? These provide a Christmassy flair and simply harmonize wonderfully with the wooden sledge.

ideas christmas decorations house entrance zinc container sledge

If you want to decorate the apartment or the veranda for Christmas with a sleigh, then you should not necessarily decorate it abundantly. Simply create a beautiful arrangement from the wooden sledge and other decorations of your choice and create a beautiful Christmas decoration yourself. Whether zinc containers with decorated branches, lanterns decorated for Christmas or another decoration, you decide for yourself, of course.

Sleigh for Christmas decorate fir branches berries cones loop

In addition to fir green, many other natural materials can be used to decorate a sledge. Cones of various sizes are a nice addition to the green branch. On the other hand, you can add color accents with red berry branches. These combine great with a big red bow that stands at the top. With such a decoration for the house entrance the festive atmosphere is guaranteed.

house entrance decorate christmas garlands wreaths sleigh gifts

Sleigh and gifts in one place mean only one thing: Santa Claus! Decorate the house entrance with brightly wrapped boxes that look like gifts and arrange them on a larger wooden sledge. In this way you can create an original Christmas decoration and give the children a lot of joy in the run-up to Christmas.

Sledge for Christmas decorate wreath natural material

If you don’t have a sledge at hand, you can build one yourself out of old wood. You will need some flat boards for the seating area and some curved ones for the runners. The self-made wooden sledge shouldn’t necessarily work, just look like a real sled. Then it can be decorated as desired and designed as a decoration in front of the front door.

Decorate the sleigh for Christmas in the apartment

entrance area interior apartment decorating ideas

With a vintage wooden sledge you can not only decorate the area in front of the front door, but it also goes just as well with the home decoration for Christmas. In the following we show you a few great examples of how you can decorate the interior for Christmas with a sleigh.

sledge decorate christmas ice skates spigot

In the entrance area or in the hallway, a wooden sledge can be beautifully presented as a decoration. You can decorate this with green fir branches, berries or Christmas decorations and make it an atmospheric eye-catcher. A festive message, such as “Merry Christmas”, or a vintage decorative element like these ice skates are perfect as an addition to the decoration.

sleigh shelf decor christmas apartment decorate

You can turn the sleigh into a pretty shelf with a few wooden boards, which you can decorate with plenty of Christmas decorations. If this is put on the wall, then an atmospheric wall decoration is created for Christmas, which could beautify every room in the apartment.

christmas decor ideas interior vintage sleigh gifts

We also think it’s really nice when the Christmas tree is placed on a vintage sleigh. It immediately becomes an eye-catcher in the interior and makes a much bigger impression. You can place other Christmas decorations around the tree, such as cardboard boxes of various sizes that are wrapped like Christmas presents.

vintage decor ideas christmas fir tree

To hide the unsightly Christmas tree stand, you can put the Christmas tree in a wooden box and decorate it appropriately. In this way, your Christmas decoration with an old sleigh gets a touch of vintage that goes perfectly with Christmas. A few handcrafted garlands made of paper or another material complete the picture really well.

living room deco christmas sleigh mini fir trees

If it is a small wooden sledge for children, then this could serve as a nice table decoration for the coffee table. With mini Christmas trees in pots and other (artificial) natural materials, the sledge can be decorated for Christmas and transformed into a real piece of jewelry for the table.

vintage sleigh decoration apartment christmas

Such a decoration goes wonderfully with apartments in country house style and does not take up much time. Of course, you shouldn’t necessarily decorate the sleigh with fir trees or greenery. With Christmas decorations such as garlands, Christmas balls, snowmen, Santa Claus or another popular Christmas motif, you are sure to create a festive atmosphere. Let your creativity run free and conjure up an interesting Christmas decoration from your old sleigh.