Christmas decoration ideas

Decorate the lantern for Christmas with these 7 design ideas

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Big or small, individually or in groups – lanterns are a wonderful decoration for every occasion and should not be missing at Christmas either. They already have a great charm in themselves, but with the right decorations they can radiate even more beautiful Christmas spirit. With the help of various decorative elements, you can use a simple lantern all year round and the Christmas season is no exception. We have also put together some nice ideas that you can use if you want to decorate a lantern for Christmas.

Decorating the lantern for Christmas – ideas

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When designing a decoration for the lantern, you can not only buy new objects, figures and decorations. Many of the possible things you already have at home. Over the years, Christmas tree decorations or other Christmas decorations that are no longer used have accumulated again and again. Now you can use it again and decorate a romantic lantern for Christmas. Decorate a lantern for the outdoor area as you wish, if you are looking for a decoration for the entrance area or redesign smaller models for the dining table. Take a look at the different options below.

Decorate the lantern for Christmas – simple with lots of candles

lantern for christmas decorating candles simple modern metal brass

The candles are of course the classics and actually also those decorative elements that are intended for the lanterns. They create a romantic atmosphere in the evenings and make the area particularly Christmassy. That is why candles are also a nice variant with which you can decorate lanterns. Regardless of whether the lanterns you use are plain or ornate and rich in ornament, the candles will definitely come into their own. This variant, with which you design the lantern for Christmas, is neutral and goes well with any other Christmas decoration.

lantern for christmas decorate red berries reindeer fir-tree snowflake

In addition, even the design with simple candles can be varied. So not only one model can be placed in it. Candles of different shapes and sizes can be combined with each other if you want to decorate a large lantern for Christmas. And there is still the very large selection of colors. The design with candles becomes particularly Christmassy if you use them in matching Christmas colors or with Christmas motifs. You are also welcome to design candles yourself using the decoupage technique. If the lanterns themselves already have Christmas motifs or decorations, a discreet candle is sufficient.

For Christmas, fill the lantern with Christmas tree balls

christmas lantern decorate christmas tree decorations balls colorful fill material stimulation

Another simple idea is to use Christmas balls as well. Perhaps you have already changed your Christmas tree decorations over the years, but are still keeping the old ones? Then you can now use the balls in an effective way by decorating a lantern for Christmas and filling it with them for this purpose. Of course, you decide for yourself which colors you put together. It can be decorated in one or two colors or in motley colors. Nor do they have to be balls. After all, there are tree decorations in a wide variety of forms, so that you have a free choice again.

Lighting with fairy lights

christmas lantern decorate fairy lights deco simple lighting

An alternative to candles is the chain of lights. And you have to admit that the lantern looks particularly beautiful with decoration from the little lamps. The large selection of fairy lights enables different possibilities here as well. From classic yellow light to modern white to colorful lamps or those with certain shapes such as stars, everything is allowed, whatever you like. Christmas lights undoubtedly create a special atmosphere.

Decorate lanterns for Christmas with flower arrangements

lantern decorating christmas handicrafts arrangement of fir branches vintage

What looks good on the table for candles is of course also suitable for the lanterns. This time the classic Christmas arrangement is meant, which can consist of fir branches, cones and other elements. If you would like to use this when you decorate your lantern for Christmas, you can not just use a wreath in which you place the lantern. You can design the top of the lantern in the same way. Use real candles for lighting, but then be careful not to cover the vent holes.

christmas lantern decorate christmas lights led candle

Use real or artificial natural materials for the Christmas arrangements as you like and combine them with bows, ribbons, balls, artificial snow and whatever else you can think of and what is available to get a unique Christmas decoration for the house entrance or for the interior.

lantern decorate christmas arrangement lights christmas cones

You can also use the arrangement both inside and outside the lantern or even combine both as in this example. Here the tip gets a little arrangement and the inside as well. In this case, if you are using a real candle, do not leave it unattended as there is a risk of fire. Use an LED candle to be on the safe side.

Decorate the lantern for Christmas – tips and ideas with Christmas figures

christmas lantern decorate teddy winter fairy lights idea

If you haven’t found the right one among the above-mentioned design options with which you could decorate your lantern for Christmas, then this idea might be something for you. You can use the inside to set up figures in it. On the one hand, this has the advantage that you get fewer dust collectors. On the other hand, your arrangements come into their own in it. If the lantern is big enough, you can even set up the nativity scene in it and decorate it with other things.

christmas lantern decorate figures toys car christmas tree

With a little imagination, all sorts of things can be used to create an interesting and Christmassy scene. For example, how about the idea above that used a toy car and a small artificial Christmas tree? A little imagination is required here, which can then be wonderfully used to create unique decorations for the side table, the staircase or the mantelpiece.

Christmas combinations for lanterns

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If you can’t make up your mind, just choose several of the ideas and design different lanterns for different areas of the house. So you can implement whatever you like right away. The different variants can also be wonderfully combined with one another. A Christmas lantern full of baubles, for example, looks even more interesting if you add a string of lights. You can then design it from the outside with a flower arrangement. Just take an afternoon to experiment with what you have until you find the perfect arrangement and that way create the perfect Christmas spirit in any room and area of ​​your home.