Christmas decoration ideas

Decorate the garden bench for Christmas – ideas for charming Christmas decorations outdoors

garden bench for christmas decorate house entrance modern throw pillows fir trees door wreath

When it gets dark very early in the evening and the first snow is already falling, we spend less and less time outside in the garden. The garden furniture is not only particularly useful in summer, but also makes your garden paradise appear less deserted in winter. The seating area can now be used for decoration purposes and offers a perfect stage for a wide variety of decorative arrangements. If you want to make Christmas decorations yourself, you will find great tips, suggestions and ideas here. In today’s article you will find inspiration on how you can decorate the garden bench for Christmas and thereby create a wonderful atmosphere.

Decorate the garden bench for Christmas with fir greenery and Christmas arrangements

garden bench for christmas decorate fir green basket pine cones

At Christmas time you can create many wonderful things with fir green. If you also want to decorate your garden bench in a festive way, you can cover the seats and backrests with pine green. If you like to take a walk in the forest during Advent, simply collect fir branches and place them loosely or in small cuffs on the garden bench. Various winter flowers and pine cones painted in white provide great colored and winter accents.

fir green christmas tree jewelry make christmas decorations outside

A beautiful Christmas arrangement is an excellent way to decorate outdoors for Christmas. You can make a beautiful arrangement of fir branches, cypresses, ivy and mistletoe yourself in a frost-proof container and decorate it with Christmas tree balls, various figures, stars, dried fruits or bright, bright red ornamental apples. Even a small bunch of ornamental apples on the garden bench looks great for the Christmas decoration outside.

Decorate the garden bench for Christmas with mini conifers

garden bench for christmas decorate veranda fir tree throw pillows

For the Christmas decorations in the garden, the conifers are particularly suitable to create a festive mood. A small Christmas tree in a planter will look good on the garden bench. Whether you leave the tree as it is or decorate it just as splendidly as the Christmas tree in your warm living room is entirely up to you.

make lanterns christmas decoration outside yourself

If you want to decorate the garden bench with a little fir tree and want to let off steam creatively, you can make a beautiful and original fir tree yourself from fir branches. Collect fir greenery and just put it in a tall vase or bucket. When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, you can let your imagination run free and make the mini Christmas tree look different with glittering pearl necklaces and various ornaments.

Christmas decorations in the garden with a wreath that you have tied yourself

garden furniture chairs christmas wreaths table decoration

You can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your garden or on the veranda with creative wreaths made of evergreen. The garden bench or the otherwise bare seating area shines in a festive light and puts you in a great and serene festive mood. A homemade wreath can be quickly tied together and decorated with shiny balls, red berries, cones or bells.

Decorate the garden bench for Christmas with thematic lettering

light chain cushions fir tree christmas decoration outside

Take a look at this inviting and modern looking Christmas decoration at the entrance to the house. The small wooden bench next to the entrance door impresses with bright red decorative cushions, winter motifs and fairy lights and looks very homely. The eye immediately falls on the inscribed board, which creates a harmonious atmosphere with a Christmas song or poem. A “Happy Celebration” or “Merry X-Mas” will not only make your guests happy, but also everyone who happens to take a look at the garden.

Make Christmas decorations outside yourself with decorative pillows and textiles

Christmas decorate garden bench simply pillow

If you want a simple and discreet decoration in the garden, you can also achieve a lot with the help of textiles. Two decorative pillows in white and red were placed on the white bench in this elegant garden. The popular winter colors immediately awaken the association with the most contemplative festival and look stylish and noble. In addition to red, white and green, gold and silver also look solemn.

ceiling wreath poinsettia garden bench decorate for christmas

If you want to decorate your house and garden in a festive way, it is advisable to keep the decoration in one style. If you have opted for a modern, elegant and minimalist decor inside, but want the outside area to shine in a warm country house style, you should separate the two units from each other.

white red christmas decoration blanket pillow knitted christmas tree

In order to create a Christmassy flair in your garden, the festive outdoor decoration does not necessarily have to be lush and pompous. The knitted decorative pillow and the cozy, warm decoration in Scandinavian style let the lovingly decorated Christmas tree come to the fore, but appear very charming and stylish due to their simplicity. The fine wreaths above the garden bench pick up the color nuances of the Christmas tree balls and make the winter decoration look harmonious.

garden bench for christmas decorate cushions fir tree

You don’t mind the cold and you use every opportunity to enjoy your cup of coffee or the aromatic mulled wine in the fresh air in the garden, on the veranda or on the balcony in the evening? Decorative pillows with themed winter pillow covers are not only cozy, comfortable and keep you warm, but are also indispensable companions during the Advent season. With cushion covers with great motifs, such as asterisks, fir trees, reindeer, Santa Claus and beautiful winter landscapes, the garden bench can be wonderfully decorated for Christmas.

Decorate the garden bench for Christmas with gift boxes

gifts christmas tree ornaments pinecone wreath

If you want to decorate the garden bench in a modern way, you can use gift packaging instead of fir green and ornaments. This idea is easy to implement and creates a great eye-catcher on the garden furniture. You can create the pretty decoration from empty cardboard boxes that you wrap with leftover wrapping paper or use colorful plastic wrap. You can add the finishing touches to the self-made gift boxes with gift ribbons or cute bows. For a uniform decoration, you can distribute the gifts along the garden path or hang them decoratively in the trees.

Create Christmas decorations for outside with lanterns

lantern rustic christmas decoration garden outside

If you want to conjure up great light accents in the outdoor area, lanterns decorated for Christmas are particularly suitable. Regardless of whether you prefer the soft and warm candlelight or prefer a sparkling composition with LED lamps, lanterns are great decorative elements that have a decorative value and bring warmth to the cold December evenings.

christmas decoration garden plain wreath ceiling

One large or several small glass lanterns are an excellent garden bench decoration idea. With them you can create an original Christmas decoration according to your taste. For example, you can achieve a breathtakingly great effect by placing fir or pine cones in the lanterns and adding LED Christmas lights. A simple garland with small lights is enough to spread a festive mood.