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Decorate large windows for Christmas – 16 window decoration ideas for Christmas

large windows decorate for christmas fir green christmas wreaths

Christmas is coming and you are looking for nice ideas for Christmas decorations? Then you should also pay the necessary attention to the windows. With the right decoration, they can be transformed into a real eye-catcher both inside and out. Especially when it comes to large windows, an atmospheric Christmas decoration can put them in the limelight. If you want to decorate large windows for Christmas, then the possibilities are particularly diverse. From pretty wreaths to hanging Christmas decorations to shining fairy lights. In this post you will find tons of inspiration for a window decoration for Christmas that goes perfectly with large windows.

Decorate large windows with wreaths

big window living room christmas decorate bow wreaths

There are generally two ways to decorate the windows for Christmas: either you turn the decoration inside out, or vice versa. Of course, you can also opt for a double-sided decoration that looks just as beautiful from both sides of the window.

Floor-to-ceiling windows for Christmas decorate hanging wreaths

Wreaths are an enchanting idea to decorate the large windows in the apartment for Christmas. The classic Christmas decoration is always a good choice and you can make it yourself instead of buying it. To do this, however, you will need some free time, which you could invest in creative craft projects. Whether with fir green, red ribbons, pine cones or any other material, the wreaths on the window always bring a Christmassy flair with them. Be inspired by the ideas from the pictures above and decorate the large windows with hanging Christmas wreaths.

Decorate large windows for Christmas with rustic motifs

rustic window decoration christmas ideas hanging window sill

A little rustic flair during the Christmas season doesn’t do any harm, on the contrary. Rustic elements can put the Christmas decorations in the limelight and create a really Christmas atmosphere. If you want to decorate large windows for Christmas, then you can consider such motifs for the decoration. An extraordinary Advent wreath, lots of candles and decorations made of driftwood are just wonderful if you decorate the windowsill for Christmas.

ideas window decoration christmas artificial snow paper stars driftwood

Driftwood is a popular material for making decorations with a rustic flair. For example, several Christmas balls can be hung on a longer branch and displayed in front of the window as a decoration for the interior. The window panes can still be decorated with artificial snow and any stickers for windows that give a Christmas atmosphere both outside and inside.

diy ideas window decoration christmas tinker book paper

If you want to make the Christmas decorations for the windows a little more nostalgic, you can make pretty garlands out of book or newspaper. With a Christmas tree template, several small fir trees can be cut out of the selected paper and then transformed into atmospheric garlands with the help of the sewing machine and some thread. You can hang these along the entire height of the window and thus make an original window decoration for Christmas yourself.

Scandinavian window decoration ideas for Christmas

Just make Christmas window decorations yourself

The Scandinavian furnishing style has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years and presents wonderful room solutions for your own home. In terms of decoration, you can also get inspiration from the Scandinavian countries. The focus here is on minimalism. Plain-colored decoration, the elements of which are in perfect harmony with one another, is typical for Scandinavian apartments at Christmas.

big windows decorate for christmas great ideas

If your windows are large, you can create an atmospheric ambience with these Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas. Would you like to create a homely feeling? Then decorate the window sill with houses and miniature fir trees made of wood. If you want to add a few color accents to a white interior instead, then you are definitely right with a few garlands of small figures and Christmas balls. Rather, rely on similar colors in different nuances instead of using a wide range of colors.

Tinker Christmas decorations for windows with children

large windows decorate christmas garland tinker

If you want to decorate your large windows for Christmas and prepare the apartment for the upcoming festival, then the children can help you with this task. Make together original decorations for the windowsill and windows, such as tree decorations and stickers with Christmas motifs.

window decoration christmas gingerbread houses hanger

For example, you can bake delicious gingerbread with the family and then decorate some of the creations and hang them in the window. You decide for yourself whether gingerbread men, houses or other motifs and figures. This decoration also looks really appetizing and smells wonderfully like Christmas!

Christmas decoration window tinker with children Christmas tree foil

Would you like to decorate the large window for Christmas and at the same time keep the children busy with something creative? Then just decorate a tree on the window! This works best with green self-adhesive foil, which you cut to size and stick to the window. Your child can then cut out various figures from colorful foil as tree decorations and use them to decorate the Christmas tree.

decorate christmas window with children advent wreath window picture

An Advent wreath for the window can also be tinkered in the same way. With a transparent film, the window decoration is even double-sided and just as beautiful from the inside and outside. So you can also decorate large windows for Christmas in kindergarten or school.

Christmas decoration window make paper snowflakes yourself

Another great idea that both kids and adults will enjoy is these beautiful snowflakes. They can be tinkered with simple white paper and quickly become an atmospheric eye-catcher on the window. You should simply tie this with a piece of thread and let it hang from the curtain rod. Regardless of whether you are decorating small or large windows for Christmas, the paper snowflakes offer a quick and easy option for window decoration.

Decorate large windows for Christmas with lights

high window christmas decorate fairy lights stars

When colored lights adorn the windows, it is surely Christmas. Fairy lights are just perfect for window decorations in the Advent season and are particularly impressive in the evening. They can be found in many different forms and can also be spiced up as desired. We have a few great ideas ready for you in this article.

bay window decorate christmas glowing window decoration

Bay windows can be staged particularly beautifully with lights. With this type of window, the fixed bench is usually just as large and can be adorned with beautiful decorations. For example, you can make a nativity scene yourself and display it on the window. Or do you opt for a small Christmas tree by the window? There are no limits for your creativity.

christmas window decoration outside garlands fairy lights

We also find it nice if you decorate the windows not only on the inside, but also on the outside. For this you should choose materials and jewelry that are weatherproof.

However, if there is not enough time to decorate the windows, you can place the Christmas tree near the large window instead. This way, the windows look adorned from the outside even if they aren’t.