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Decorate candles for Christmas and enjoy the pre-Christmas season

decorate candles for christmas instructions wax sheets to form star figures

Christmas offers countless suggestions and opportunities for great handicrafts. Whether you are sprucing up your apartment with home-made decorations to match the Christmas season or making individual handmade gifts for your loved ones, in winter there is almost no one can do handicrafts. And your own works of art always have something very special about them. Decorating candles for Christmas is a great way to beautify your own home with a warm and cozy light. In today’s article we want to give you great ideas and suggestions for decorating candles. Browse through our picture gallery and find beautiful Christmas motifs for candles. Let yourself be inspired by the various decoration techniques and try them out.

Decorating candles for Christmas – DIY ideas with wax sheets

Handicraft materials wax sheets colored candle decorate christmas motifs

You can decorate the simplest, round pillar candle with the help of various ornaments to match the season or a specific occasion. Decorating candles with colorful wax sheets, for example, is fun for young and old and promises wonderful results. Handling wax sheets is easy, which is why you are welcome to include your children as well. In addition to a beeswax candle and decorative wax, you also need a sharp knife or cookie cutter.

 Christmas motifs for decorating candles – design a star

decorate candles christmas wax plates cut out christmas motifs

Children in particular like to work with templates and stencils and are particularly proud of their own creations later on. Stars, for example, are popular Christmas motifs for candles. In order to imitate the great winter decoration of the candle in our first picture example, you must first remove the white, dusty coating from the beeswax candle. Just rub the candle with your fingers or lightly with a soft cloth.

decorate candles christmas motifs wax plates cut out figures

For this beautiful Christmas motif you first have to cut out 6 triangles of the same size and then attach them in a circle and with a little pressure. The arrangement should have created a hexagon in the middle of the candle. Then cut six figures that resemble a tie from the dark blue wax and place them between the triangles. Finally, take a small piece of red wax and warm it up in your hand. Then break off small pieces, form small rays and glue them between the six points of the star.

Decorate candles for christmas christmas motifs cut out star shapes

Using this technique, you can attach any other motif for Christmas that appeals to you and creates a great festive atmosphere. If you are worried that the punched-out figurines will not stick long enough, you can slightly soften the wax section with the hair dryer. You are also welcome to heat the candle in the desired location and hold the wax plate figures on it for a minute.

decorate candles christmas motifs stars twigs berries cut out wax plates

Designing pretty asterisks and decorating candles with them for Christmas can of course go even faster. For the last minute decoration, cookie cutters in different sizes can be of great service. Get decorative wax sheets in colors from the craft shop that harmoniously complete the rest of the decoration arrangement. Those who want to give the room a noble and luxurious touch can work wonders with the trendy gold color for the most contemplative festival of the year.

decorate candles christmas motifs diy ideas easily cut out wax plates stars

decorating candles christmas instructions wax sheets from tech molds

Candles decorate templates

decorating candles for christmas wax plates cookie cutters stars fir trees

You can design Christmas candles with a whole range of motifs that are a little foretaste of the coming festival. If you want to ensure a little Christmas happiness, mistletoe decoration is the right choice. You have probably seen the little green bouquets above doors. If you want to continue the old tradition of using evergreen mistletoe as Christmas decorations, you can use the great winter motif to decorate candles for Christmas.

christmas motifs candles decorate for christmas branches wax plate

Sweeten the pre-Christmas season by cutting out mistletoe leaves from a green or white wax sheet and sticking them on the candle. Branches and berries are also easy to draw on and cut out if you don’t have a cutter to hand. The beautiful candles then look simply enchanting when arranged on an elegant plate. Accompanied by natural materials such as moss, cones, fir green etc., they form a unified ensemble that brings nature into your own four walls.

Decorate Christmas candles with candle liner

candles decorate christmas motifs elk antlers red white

If you want to decorate candles together with your children, there are various acrylic colors, color markers, glitter pens and candle liners with which you can create the desired design. A deer with large antlers on which Christmas balls or fairy lights sparkle can be painted directly onto the candle with the liner. To create the candle decoration, you can apply the desired Christmas motifs on foil, then simply peel them off and stick them to the candle with a suitable adhesive.

candles decorate christmas templates crayon gifts packaging

If you want to surprise friends and relatives with a personalized Christmas present, you can be sure that a hand-painted candle will melt the heart of the recipient. Names, hearts, dots, dear Christmas greetings, etc. are loving gift ideas. You only need to wrap the giveaways in cellophane or pack them in an organza bag and decorate them with an elegant ribbon.

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Dab winter colors with the marbling technique

winter candles decorate christmas marble effect yourself

Decorate candles with glitter for Christmas

christmas motifs for candle decorate star glitter gold fir tree ornaments

Design candles with stickers with abstract motifs

candles decorate christmas silver gold stickers geometric figures

candles decorate christmas templates cross tattoo christmas motifs

tattoos to stick on candles decorate christmas motifs font

Garland with heart-shaped ornaments

candles decorate christmas christmas motifs hearts ornaments garland

Decorate candles for Christmas with the napkin technique

candles decorate christmas decoupage branches christmas motifs

decorate candles christmas motifs fir tree santa claus snowflakes napkin technique

candles decorate christmas christmas motifs elk deer snowflakes washi tape

advenz wreath candles decorate christmas motifs snowman snow house

Design unique candles with paper, fabric and natural materials

paper heart pompoms elk fir tree candles decorate christmas

candles decorate motifs christmas natural materials paper fabric

cinnamon sticks buttons bows bells candles decorate christmas

Knit sweater for pillar candles

candles decorate christmas ribbons buttons artificial snow