Christmas decoration ideas

Current Christmas decoration trends from Pinterest – 12 unusual ideas

christmas decoration ideas trends pinterest make yourself modern

Anyone looking for modern and contemporary decorations for Christmas or other occasions will always find interesting inspiration on Pinterest. Many of the decoration ideas shown for Christmas can even be made by yourself. And since the selection is very large, we have simply put together a list of the most original variants that we have found and that you can also use for your Christmas decorations. From natural materials and traditional tableware to creatively designed Christmas balls and unusual Christmas trees, there are many different options for modern Christmas decorations. But just take a look for yourself!

1. Christmas decorations made from natural materials

christmas decoration david star branches natural materials

Natural materials such as twigs have a special charm. They look rustic and romantic and are particularly suitable for Christmas decorations. After all, there was nothing else to decorate in earlier times. So bring nature into your home and make beautiful Christmas accessories and Christmas decorations such as such a Star of David, for example. Even if it doesn’t exactly match your beliefs, it looks very attractive on the wall. It looks great with simple twigs as well as with other green with which you can also decorate for Christmas.

2. Stars as Christmas decorations

christmas decoration stars shape wire door wreath industrial rustic

In general, stars are a great idea. If you don’t have any natural materials available, a piece of wire can also be used. In fact, since it’s a trend, you will most likely already find a great model in the store to use. You can then redesign this with any other decorative elements such as fir green, ribbons or bows.

3. Christmas table decorations reinterpreted with traditional dishes

christmas decoration porcelain blue white traditional table decoration

Fine porcelain looks particularly beautiful on the banquet table, doesn’t it? So why not serve the feast on suitable dishes. But what is meant is not special Christmas tableware with Christmas motifs, but blue and white tableware that you would otherwise not use for Christmas decorations. In this way you can transform traditional tableware into a relatively modern decoration for Christmas. If that’s not Christmas enough for you, you can add a few models with Christmas motifs.

christmas decor porcelain decorate pendants christmas tree idea

If the blue and white look appeals to you, why not look for smaller porcelain items that you can use as pendants for the Christmas tree. On the one hand, the color combination is quite unusual for the Christmas party and on the other hand, the table decorations and the Christmas tree decorations also go together right away. Such pendants are also well suited as Christmas decorations for windows.

4. Christmas decorations for outdoors and indoors with balloons

decoration christmas balloons light up garland modern extravagant

It’s not just the fairy lights themselves that can be motley. Such a fancy light chain made of large balloons attracts everyone’s attention and is great if you want to decorate in a modern way for Christmas. In addition, you can even do them yourself. For this you need dark green paper cups (or white ones that you paint green), glowing balloons, which you can get here, as well as gift ribbon or thread. Light up the balloons according to the package instructions and inflate them. Poke holes through the bottom of the cup. Now connect the balloons with each other with the help of the ribbon or thread and hang up the garland.

deco christmas tree idea tree decorations balloons lamps lights

With such balloons you can make many other types of Christmas and Advent decorations yourself. One of them is this modern and colorful Christmas tree or the pretty pendants for the garden or Christmas tree that you can imitate. Come up with something. This extravagant Christmas decoration is also suitable as a Christmas decoration for windows.

5. Design Christmas tree balls with crayons

decoration christmas baubles tree decorations wax crayons blow dryer diy

Transparent Christmas tree balls are a great basis for a wide variety of craft ideas. I’m sure you’ve seen many. But would you have had the idea of ​​designing the inside of the balls with colored crayons? How is that supposed to work? Very easily! Cut the pencils into pieces and put the colors you want in the ball. Now take it in your hand with a fireproof glove or hold it with a pair of tongs and heat it up with a hair dryer. The wax will then begin to melt. By turning the glass ball, the wax is then distributed on the inside.

6. Make Christmas decorations yourself for Christmas gifts

deco christmas trend wrapping paper stamp design diy modern trend

Use simple paper for wrapping the gifts and decorate it with self-made motifs. These don’t necessarily have to be Christmassy. The easiest way to make such a Christmas decoration is to use stamps. You can buy these or make them yourself. Or you can paint the motifs freehand on the paper.

7. Glittering labels

deco christmas labels signs gifts glitter colorful colors

Such labels are also intended for gifts. This can be used to label the Christmas presents so that everyone can find the right present under the tree. And this Christmas decoration can also be more unusual. Colorful glitter in bright colors is great for designing. For this purpose, the labels are simply painted or sprayed with glue and then sprinkled with glitter or dipped directly into glitter.

8. Dried citrus fruits for garlands and other Christmas and Advent decorations

Deco Christmas orange garland citrus fruits make cinnamon yourself

With dried fruit slices you can not only make garlands for Christmas. They are also great for other decorations. If you also want to purchase a Christmas decoration cheaply, it is best to do it yourself! Combine the orange slices with other fruits or typical Christmas spices such as cinnamon sticks or star anise and create an individual garland for the Christmas tree or another area of ​​the house.

9. Decorate your room for Christmas with the help of pets

deco christmas pets paws print paint salty dough craft clay

The dogs and cats are part of the family and can thus contribute to the Christmas spirit. As? By using their paw prints to make Christmas decorations. The easiest way to do this is with salt dough or craft clay, which you bake afterwards. You should also paint the imprint so that it is easier to see. For this, glittering color is very good. Above you can also see instructions on how to make such a Christmas decoration.

10. Christmas decorations – ideas for environmentally friendly gift wrapping

decoration christmas trend furoshiki environmentally friendly wrapping paper recycle fabric

Eco-friendly craft projects are a big trend in general. So it’s no wonder that they can also be found in relation to Christmas. You have probably already noticed the mountains of wrapping paper that form after opening the presents and are simply thrown away. Use other materials instead! For example, scraps of fabric are great. They make the gift attractive and can be used again and again because they are not torn when unpacking. The so-called Furoshiki technique is used for packaging.

11. Alternatives to the Christmas tree

deco christmas trend pineapple christmas tree baubles artificial tree yellow

It is very popular to play with the Christmas tree for Christmas decorations. This means that other alternatives are being sought. And you will be amazed at the interesting ideas that are used as decorations for Christmas. For example, what do you think of this pineapple Christmas tree? This can even be nibbled after Christmas and is not simply thrown away like the traditional Christmas tree. Or you can use a yellow artificial Christmas tree and turn it into a pineapple.

decoration christmas trend washi tape christmas tree wall decoration suggestion

In turn, you can use washi tape to create a tree on the wall. Since this is not a strong adhesive, the tape can be easily removed later. In any case, you can use any colors and patterns and even attach Christmas tree decorations. A really original Christmas decoration, isn’t it!

12. Prepare photo booth

decoration christmas photo ideas gift photo booth build yourself accessories masks

Get different kinds of Christmas decorations to use to build your own photo booth. Simply choose a free area in the house and create a suitable background with sheets or other fabrics or simply in front of a white wall. In addition to this, you can have various accessories such as hats, reindeer antlers, masks and clothing ready and anyone who feels like it can then take their picture. This is guaranteed to be a unique memory that is even suitable as a gift.