Christmas decoration ideas

Crafts for Christmas with popsicle sticks – 20 decoration ideas and instructions

Handicrafts for Christmas santa claus-chopsticks-cotton balls-paper-make-yourself

Christmas time is the most popular time of year for many children and adults. The front doors are decorated with Christmas wreaths, Christmas decorations and garlands hang all over the house and the Christmas tree lights up in the living room. However, if you want to decorate your apartment with handmade Christmas decorations, you should use the Crafts for Christmas start on time. In this article we present some great ideas and instructions for Christmas decorations made from popsicle sticks, which are also perfect for handicrafts with children.

Crafts for Christmas with ice cream sticks and other materials

Crafts for Christmas ice cream sticks-colors-glue-wire-wiggle-eyes-decoration-buttons

The ice cream sticks are perfect for home-made Christmas decorations because they can be designed in different shapes and figures. Of course, you will need a few more materials to make the decoration colorful and fun. With bright colors, felt-tip pens, googly eyes, buttons, rhinestones and any other handicraft materials you can create a beautiful Christmas decoration. An important material that is absolutely necessary is a good glue.

Crafts for Christmas – Christmas trees and reindeer for the Christmas tree

Crafts for Christmas kids-chopsticks-buttons-fir-trees-reindeer

With the ice cream sticks you can, for example, easily make Christmas trees and reindeer. These craft ideas are perfect for DIY projects with children and can then be used as part of the Christmas tree decorations. All you need is some wire or string to make a hanger.

Use hot glue for best results

Crafts for Christmas hot glue gun-ice cream sticks-stars-snowflakes-glue

If you have a hot glue gun at home, you can use it to glue the individual ice cream sticks together. The hot glue is quick and clean and the results are always good. However, the hot glue gun is unsuitable for children and they should always be supervised while doing handicrafts.

Decorate snowflakes from popsicle sticks with colorful buttons

Crafts for Christmas creative-ideas-snowflakes-colorful-buttons-ice cream sticks

These beautiful snowflakes are made from only three popsicle sticks that are simply glued together with hot glue. The special thing about it is the unusual decoration with colorful buttons that have different sizes and shapes and do not follow any given template. So here you can let your creativity run free and design the snowflakes individually.

Crafts for Christmas – glittering snowflakes

handicrafts-christmas-children-instructions-snowflakes-ice-cream sticks-glitter

An alternative to the design with buttons is this glittering snowflake, which is first painted with white paint and then decorated with glitter paints. If you then want to decorate the Christmas tree with the snowflake made of popsicle sticks, you can make a hole with the hole punch and put a hanger in it.

Make cheap decorations yourself for Christmas


Using this method, you can make as many snowflakes as you want and use them to decorate various places in the house. So you can make the Christmas decorations yourself with cheap materials and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Crafts with children for Christmas

tinker-christmas-children-make-big-snowflake-christmas-decorations-ice-cream sticks

Crafting for Christmas is certainly more fun when it is done together with the family. For example, you can take a weekend off and work with the children to make beautiful Christmas decorations.

Tinker wall decorations for Christmas


Ice-cream sticks can also be used to make larger snowflakes. Here we have presented three different ideas that are perfect for wall decorations for Christmas. You can either leave the snowflakes in one color, or you can paint and decorate them as you wish.

Make simple Christmas tree decorations

tinker-christmas-christmas-tree-decorations-ice-cream sticks-simple-christmas-tree

If you don’t have the time to do handicrafts for Christmas, you can make this simple Christmas tree as a decoration for the Christmas tree. All you have to do is make a triangle out of popsicle sticks and glue it. A star or another Christmas motif on the upper part is sufficient as an additional decoration. So you can make the Christmas decorations yourself in a relatively short time.

Christmas decoration ideas for Christmas trees


One of the most popular motifs for Christmas decorations is actually the Christmas trees. They are very easy to make yourself from ice cream sticks and can be decorated as desired. With a green felt-tip pen or green paint, you can paint the wooden stems and then decorate them with colorful sequins and rhinestones.

Crafts for Christmas with children – little snowmen made from popsicle sticks


Another great idea for handicrafts with children for Christmas are these cute snowmen made from ice cream sticks. First you should paint the stems white and shape the eyes and mouth with a black pencil. Then make the nose out of construction paper, glue on buttons or beads and cut out scarves from old fabrics. If you wish, you can also cut out hats from construction paper and glue them to the upper part of the popsicle stick.

Tinker Olaf the snowman

tinker-christmas-ice-cream sticks-idea-snowman-olaf-instructions-children

With popsicle sticks you can make one of the most popular characters from the film “Frozen – Totally Unabashed” – Olaf the Snowman. Some ice cream sticks are first arranged vertically next to each other and then glued to the back with two horizontal ice cream sticks. Next, the front is painted with white paint and left to dry. Then glue two googly eyes, design a black pipe cleaner for the hair and an orange pompom for the nose. Finally, draw the mouth and eyebrows and the funny Olaf the snowman is ready.

Crafts for Christmas – Nicholas tinker with ice cream sticks

tinker-christmas-instructions-santa-claus-do-it-yourself-ice-cream sticks

You can make a Santa Claus in a similar way. You can use red felt and a white pompom for the hat. The beard is best made from larger cotton balls and attached to the bottom with glue stick.

Making a snowman with a hat for Christmas – instructions


If you want to make a snowman with a hat, you can use the method shown above, leaving an extra popsicle stick for the brim of the hat. Note that this popsicle stick is meant to be longer than the snowman’s face.

Decorate the snowman


To get the snowman ready, you should shape the eyes, nose and mouth. They are perfect for the eyes, the mouth can be drawn with color and the nose can be cut out of orange foam rubber. With a cute ribbon you can decorate the hat and make a hanger.

Crafts for Christmas – glittering stars for Christmas decorations

tinker-christmas-kids-ice-cream sticks-stars-tinker-glue-paint-glitter

Handicrafts for Christmas are usually not possible without a few asterisks. Stars can be made from ice cream sticks and then decorated as desired. If you particularly like a sparkling decoration, you can decorate the finished stars with matching glitter powder.

Make glittering stars with children


With the self-made stars you can decorate the Christmas tree or make hanging decorations for the living room yourself. This DIY project is also perfect for handicrafts with children.

Make nutcrackers for Christmas

tinker-christmas-chopsticks-nutcracker-soldier-christmas decorations-idea

The wider ice cream sticks can be painted with felt-tip pens and turned into beautiful nutcrackers. With two small popsicle sticks you can also make arms and a black sponge can be used to make a great hat.

Simple advent calendar made from ice cream sticks

tinker-christmas-advent-calendar-ice-cream sticks-do-it-yourself-children-presents

If you have several ice cream sticks available, you can even make an advent calendar out of them. The individual popsicle sticks are glued to each other with hot glue in a vertical and horizontal direction until a Christmas tree results. Then you can make 25 small boxes of sweets for the branches and use them to decorate the tree.