Christmas decoration ideas

Craft ideas with Christmas bells for the Christmas spirit

craft ideas with christmas bells inspirations decoration silver star ribbon

The Christmas bell is a symbol of Christmas – its cheerful ringing shows the Christ child the way and heralds the new year. We offer you inspiring Craft ideas with Christmas bells, with which you can festively decorate your house and put the whole family in a festive mood!

Craft ideas with Christmas bells – wonderful arrangements

craft ideas with christmas bells wall decoration linen red cones

Create beautiful decorations for your living room – buy bells in different sizes and colors / or spray the bells with glitter spray / and use them to decorate the mantelpiece. Wrap the presents for the family in linen bags and tie small bells to them.

Golden bells in a vase

craft ideas with christmas bells vase glass decoration red flowers elegant

Tie several bells to a wire or plastic thread and hang the garland in front of the house entrance. Decorate jam jars with bells and create a festive atmosphere in the hallway or in the kitchen. Let yourself be carried away by this Craft ideas with Christmas bells inspire and decorate the house and garden imaginatively!

Make a door wreath out of bells

craft ideas with christmas bells wreath door red ribbon peace

For the door wreath, the bells do not necessarily have to serve only as accents. Instead, you design one that consists entirely of Christmas bells. The color does not matter. Add a pretty bow and put the finishing touches with it.

Christmas bells on a plate with lanterns

Craft ideas with christmas bells plates balls lanterns candles

Take any plate, place some lanterns in it and decorate the rest of the area with colorful Christmas tree balls and bells. This not only looks great, but also pampers the ears with wonderful sounds with every movement.

Craft ideas with Christmas bells – make your own Christmas tree

Photo instructions bells craft ideas

The homemade Christmas tree is one of the most popular and popular Craft ideas with Christmas bells. Buy wet foam in cylinder shape and Ireland bell trunks from the flower shop. You will still need between 20-30 silver Christmas bells and a glass or metal vase. Just stick the Ireland bell trunks into the foam. Decorate the design with the silver bells. This stylish decoration can set accents on the dining table and can be perfectly combined with white candles. Anyone who likes modern Christmas decorations can make a Christmas tree entirely from Christmas bells. The bells are simply pasted onto a cylinder made of paper. Beginners can opt for an arrangement with tree branches and Christmas bells.

Silver Christmas bells with reindeer

Rudolf reindeer figures silver bells

Door wreath made of natural materials – the bells are pasted on the old belt

Craft ideas bells belt door wreath

Brown bells in a natural look

Natural materials decorate cones red ribbon

Decoration idea for the garden with bells

Bells pine cones pink green traffic light

Linen bags with Christmas motifs printed on them

Weihanchtsstern Christmas tree bell arrangements table

Artificial tree from green Christmas bells

Artificial tree Christmas bells green vintage style fireplace

Old jam jars are turned into lanterns

Jam jars candle white linen ribbon bell silver

Garland of Christmas bells – festive decoration in a country house style

decorative garland round bells natural look

Candy canes, bells and tree decorations arranged in an egg carton

Egg carton, tree decorations, candy canes, bells, tree branches

Bells silver pink candles beautiful decoration idea

Garland bells tinker house entrance decorate winter

Handicraft ideas bells mantelpiece decorate festively

Fir branches LED fairy lights nice arrangement