Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas trends 2020: colors, decorations and floristry at a glance

The first Advent is getting closer and it’s time for the Christmas decorations. Which decorative styles are emerging this year? What materials and colors should you use for Christmas? How can we create this much appreciated cozy atmosphere? Here are some tips on which 2020 Christmas trends not to be missed.

Christmas decorations in the living room in gold, white and green

Christmas is always a special holiday, an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and show how important they are to us. So every year we look for the perfect gift, the tastiest Christmas recipe and the tastiest festive table decorations. Given the past year, Christmas 2020 is expected with both impatience and mixed feelings. Despite the great uncertainty and possibly the restrictions associated with Corona, you want something nice and pleasant. This is also reflected in the trends identified by experts. The focus is on the warm atmosphere, which emphasizes natural and enveloping materials, as well as bright colors that invite the positive. There is also a more than pronounced love of DIY for decoration and homemade gifts. In Corona times, every nice gesture counts. In the following we give you an overview of the Christmas trends 2020.

Christmas 2020 influenced by Corona

Christmas 2020 influenced by Corona

There is uncertainty. Will we be able to celebrate Christmas with the family? Since the question remains unanswered for the time being, everyone hopes to be able to share moments with their loved ones at the end of the year. However, the holidays are an opportunity to dream, to escape from everyday life that is not always easy. During these uncertain times, it is important to stay positive, get back to basics, and form a calming bubble in our home.

Decoration trends for Christmas 2020

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree is making a comeback in 2020

Experiencing a global pandemic has made us appreciate the little things in life. That is why we welcome decorations that evoke nostalgic memories, such as the iconic ceramic Christmas trees, which have made a big comeback in recent years. Nostalgic Christmas tree decorations are also very popular this year.


There is a return to traditional values. The idea is to move closer to past generations while focusing on the family again. The emphasis is on red colored accessories, that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree, for a pretty plaid or for your festive table. A touch of gold accompanies this crimson color and gives the home decoration a shimmering sheen. So for Christmas 2020 we will see an abundance of textiles with paisley or tartan patterns (in large or small checks) combined with more modern styles.

Christmas trends 2020 decoration in boho style

Another trend that has been causing a stir for some time but will continue into Christmas 2020 is this Boho style. The materials and their feel play an important role here. Thick, cozy fabrics, such as. Bouclé wool, find their way into our festive interiors. White and beige tones stand in the spotlight and are combined with other natural hues that have a calming effect. The boho style lives from decoration and home textiles like Berber carpets, Rattan baskets, folkloric elements and ethnic patterns that exude cosiness and nonchalance. The style is adapted to the holidays, e.g. by using the baskets mentioned as gift boxes for Christmas presents or macrame tassels as pendants.

Christmas trends 2020 for decoration in boho style tassels and macrame

There is a connection to the Danish hygge trend, which is committed to the well-being at home. The desire to stay at home is gradually turning into Niksen, a trend from the Netherlands that consists of just doing nothing. A mood that we undoubtedly want to have for the holiday season without feeling guilty!

Christmas sweaters are making a comeback for Christmas 2020

Another decoration trend that should appeal to the younger generation is Kitsch style, which is making a strong comeback at Christmas 2020. The originality of this trend lies in the fact that it is off the beaten path with the aim of having fun without necessarily following the established dictates. We dare to decorate with lots of lights, colors and motifs that are usually not associated with Christmas. For example, it is allowed to decorate the tree with accessories that represent fruit and vegetables, to stage an abundance of sweets on a festive table or to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater, a big trend that will continue this year.

Christmas tree decorations made of velvet in noble colors such as emerald green or sapphire blue

The relationship to the material also plays a key role here. The trend fabric of the season, velvet, is used in the form of pillows, curtains and even as Christmas decorations in warm colors such as mustard or duck blue.

The colors of Christmas 2020

The colors of Christmas 2020 retro balls in warm colors

When it comes to colors, there is almost no news. Above all, they should be festive and convey a positive feeling. Here there is a return to the essential, characterized by natural tones of calming Green, ocher and warm blue, but also by accents in Orange and terracotta, which have been very popular over the past few seasons. On decorative accessories and in general on the walls of your own apartment, these colors invite you to socialize and exude a certain joie de vivre.

A responsible Christmas in 2020

Zero waste Christmas 2020

Our consumption patterns are changing as a result of the economic and environmental crisis. The focus nowadays is on well-considered purchasing decisions and fewer spontaneous purchases, which also has an impact on the world of decoration and accessories. From this awakening of conscience, the desire for more DIY projects also grows. The second lockdown is a great opportunity to express our creativity and embellish our home with new decorations or create your own greeting cards to return to handwriting in an age of digital communication.

Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese gift wrapping technique

When it comes to wrapping our gifts, the question naturally arises: How can we reduce this waste, which is as volatile as it is invasive during the festive season? This year we will probably use more “recycled paper, fabric or pretty baskets for our gifts”. Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese gift wrapping technique based on fabric folding and knotting, is sure to inspire those who recycle their textiles and want to be part of a zero waste approach.

Christmas tree and ornaments made of wood

The corona crisis will undoubtedly also affect the purchasing power of many people. So this year is a good opportunity to pay more attention to your expenses, such as the advent calendar or the Christmas tree. Every year the question arises: artificial Christmas tree or real fir? If you have just gotten into tinkering euphoria, you can also let yourself be inspired by the many ideas for a Christmas tree alternative. A hanging Christmas tree made of branches or a small arrangement of fir green fit perfectly with the sustainable Christmas trend. And to personalize your Christmas decorations without spending too much money or polluting the environment, you can also use materials from nature such as pine cones, walnuts and moss.

Christmas trends 2020 floristry

Christmas trends in floristry 2020 gray and green

Winter green“Is the trend that will prevail in floristry for Christmas 2020. The color palette is fresh, neutral and suitable for almost any interior. The focus is on the winter green tones of nature, which range from green to gray and can be wonderfully combined with white and yellow accents. For example, think of Christmas trees with branches covered with snow.

A background of clear white brings out green leaves and ornaments even better. Flowers can be fresh or dried. Metal and ceramic vases as well as ribbons in black and white checked pattern, made of jute or linen go well with this.


To create the look, use the following elements:

Juniper and cedar branches

Brunia “Nodiflora” – snow bush


White felted ragwort (Senecio cineraria)

Lunaria silver leaf

Plaid ribbons

Espresso + evergreens

Coffee and wintergreen trend in floristry for Christmas 2020

Espresso + evergreens“Is another Christmas trend that combines vintage and modern, young and old in one. This look combines the traditional Christmas look with cute, funny details that add joy and charm to the festive decor. It gives the classic Christmas a young, fun, fresh touch.

Traditional Christmas colors like bright red and pure white are combined with unexpected coral, peach and pink tones. Chocolate brown, golden caramel and gingerbread colors add a sweet touch to this trend.

Floristry for Christmas trends warm colors

This trend centers on items associated with the warmth of a cup of cocoa with mini marshmallows and woolen scarves. Flowers and accents look cute yet modern. Coffee cups, cake pops and frozen donuts with Christmas sprinkles are combined with Nordic elves and knitted ribbons.

Accessories with simple hand-drawn prints and patterns create a clean and modern style, for example red and beige striped ribbons, plaid flannel fabrics and pompom trims. Whimsical creatures like felted mice with little glitter backpacks and hipster dogs in striped T-shirts and glasses bring a joyful sense of humor into play.

Cup of cocoa gingerbread men and pastel pink Christmas balls

This motto opens up many possibilities for flowers fresh in winter. Carnations, ranunculus, roses, tulips and amaryllis are perfect for this trend as they are available in both peach and pink tones as well as traditional red, green and white tones. St. John’s wort berries (Hypericum androsaemum) and Scabiosa Blackberry Scoop® ensure a perfect shot of espresso.

To create the look, use the following elements:



Glitter sugar

Scandi pattern




Berry and cedar branches

elegant Christmas decoration gray-green branches with red berries in vase