Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – 20 DIY ideas

Christmas tree alternative -wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb-paper-colorful-decorate-colors-instructions

Contemporary design, no matter in which area and respect, is increasingly aimed at sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, technologies, and then products. An important part of the tradition is to put a freshly chopped conifer in the house at Christmas and to decorate it splendidly. There is also the option of getting one in a plant pot, which, to be honest, doesn’t last long either. When the holidays are over, you come across the “corpses” of the otherwise beautiful little trees. For information only – a conifer grows around 30 centimeters a year. Think “green” and make one yourself Christmas tree alternative as a creative wall decoration. Inspire family and friends with one of our original DIY projects!

Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration to make yourself

Christmas tree alternative-wall decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb-paper-creative-colorful

No matter what material you want to make your extraordinary Christmas tree from, you need a plan – template, scheme, dimensions. Find a suitable bare wall and determine the dimensions of the desired wall decoration. For this purpose, you can prepare a stencil out of paper or use a pencil to draw a shape on the wall with a few lines. Paper tape will be useful to mark some areas. After you have already decided on the position and size, you can proceed with the decoration.

Christmas tree alternative and festive wall decoration in one – instructions and creative ideas

Christmas tree alternative -wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-stencil-pattern-drawing-diy-plan

In the first DIY project, the Christmas tree alternative is tinkered as a decoration using small honeycomb balls. These are attached to the wall with adhesive tape in the shape of a large triangle. It’s very easy, just think of a nice order and arrangement of the different colors. You can get the honeycomb balls in the craft shop under the decorations for parties and the like.

Make a Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration from honeycomb balls yourself – instructions

Christmas tree alternative -wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-colorful-materials-instructions

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration can be even easier than you think. If you are not so skilled at handicraft or artistically, you can still leave the long tree made of plastic aside and get a modern themed wall tatto. On the Internet you will definitely find great offers for stickers and decals with which you and your children can design a Christmas tree according to your own wishes on the wall in every room.

Tinker Christmas tree alternative out of paper

Christmas tree alternative -wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-instructions-stick-on-tape-wall

In principle, with imagination and simple tools and materials, you can make a beautiful, creative, individually designed Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration yourself. Let yourself be inspired by our top DIY ideas!

Make an alternative Christmas tree out of honeycomb balls

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-instructions-attach-stick-on-paper-oeko

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – attach honeycomb balls to the wall

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-diy-arrange-decorate-creative-colors

Christmas tree alternative with colorful honeycomb balls made of paper

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-colorful-paper-round-decoration-creative

Environmentally friendly Christmas tree alternative


* a DIY project by Studio DIY

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – wall tattoo for Christmas


Christmas tree alternative made of wall paint and decorated with stickers


Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration with wall paint in contrasting nuances

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-wall-tattoo-minimalist-elegant-black-white-living room

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – simply attach wall decals and stickers to the wall


christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-honeycomb balls-color-wall-tattoo-christmas-decorations-foil

* A set of “DIY Christmas Tree Wall Stickers” with a Christmas tree and 25 photo-realistic Christmas decoration stickers is included Not on the high street available for around £ 45 

Make a chic Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration out of silver decorative paper – instructions


Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – make fringes out of paper yourself


Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration instead of a real tree


* see full instructions here

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – ecological, simple and modern – instructions

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-minimalistic-wooden sticks-string-christmas-balls

Christmas tree alternative as a wall decoration made of wooden sticks and colorful Christmas balls to hang on the wall


Christmas tree alternative as an environmentally friendly wall decoration – the popular black board




Christmas tree alternative interpreted as environmentally friendly wall decoration in a modern, abstract way


christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-wall-triangle-neon-colored-fairy lights

christmas-tree-alternative-wall-decoration-do-it-yourself-modern-fringed-paper-garland-light green

Christmas tree alternative as wall decoration – beautiful posters




Christmas tree alternative as an environmentally friendly wall decoration made of used wood





Christmas tree alternative as an environmentally friendly wall decoration with lights