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Christmas presents for young and old -13 ideas for small gifts

souvenirs christmas original ideas small gifts

Not only children look forward to little surprises, especially at Christmas time. Small, original and loving gifts are very popular with both children and adults, especially if they are unexpected and surprising. That is why small souvenirs are always well received at Christmas as a thank you or a nice gift. After all, the annual festival is a time of contemplation, love and not just big gifts. Romantic or funny, an original little something can be just the thing. With a little creativity and a little effort, you can bring great joy to your loved ones, colleagues or neighbors.

Christmas presents for children

souvenirs christmas original ideas snowman set diy

As a thank you to touch, something for the palate or humorous, young and old will be happy about the nice attentions. Small gifts out of the blue are often even nicer and you don’t need a precise reason for them. Especially when these are made individually for the respective person and given from the heart, the joy is greatest. In the following we present 13 great ideas for young and old, some or all of which you can design yourself.

Christmas presents for children: a homemade snowman set

souvenirs christmas original ideas diy snowman set

Children always look forward to the snow and wait impatiently for it. If it snows, above all, it means a lot of playing in the snow and it’s finally time to build a snowman. If you have everything you need, it’s even more fun because the snowman is sure to be very beautiful. So there is no better idea for a Christmas present than a snowman set.

souvenirs christmas original ideas diy snowman set hat

You can easily design a snowman set yourself by purchasing or tinkering all the accessories and packing them nicely. The snowman traditionally includes: the eyes and smile made of black coal, the nose made of a carrot, a red scarf and a black hat. You make the charcoal from small stones that you color black. For the nose, you can use either a real or an artificial carrot. You can quickly design the hat and scarf from craft felt. Pack all parts together nicely as a set. You can also involve your child in this.

Christmas presents for young and old: homemade Christmas tree decorations

souvenirs christmas original ideas diy christmas decorations led tealight snowman

With just a few materials you can make really great Christmas decorations and jewelry for the Christmas tree. Here we present a wonderful idea that does not cost 3 euros. For this you need an LED tealight, which you will definitely find in any one-euro shop, some thin decorative ribbon and a little black foam rubber. Accessories you will need are a hot glue gun and a black permanent marker.

Souvenirs for Christmas: Edible Christmas decorations

souvenirs christmas original ideas make edible christmas decorations yourself

At Christmas there is a lot of delicious food and sweets that you can hardly resist. What is extraordinary, however, is when the decoration can also be consumed. A really funny and original idea is to make an edible Christmas decoration and give it to a friend as a humorous souvenir. Here we present instructions for making a wreath made from a wire coat hanger and lozenges.

Make a Christmas wreath with lollipops

souvenirs christmas original ideas edible christmas decorations wreath lollipops

First you need to shape the hanger into a circle. The best way to do this is to use pliers and a bucket that has a suitable diameter. You attach the individual lollipops to the packaging on the clothes hanger with the help of craft wire. Finally, tie a large, beautiful bow in the middle where the hanger should be hung. It would be best if you use strawberry and cream candies in transparent packaging.

Souvenirs for Christmas: Christmas decorated glass candle 

souvenirs christmas original ideas candle glass decorate for christmas

Another imaginative idea that can be implemented as a souvenir for Christmas without much effort is to decorate the conventional glass candles for Christmas. There are no limits to creativity. Candles in white, cream, brown, red and green or basically in the typical Christmas colors, which can quickly be made even more Christmassy, ​​are particularly suitable.

Christmas presents in a glass

souvenirs christmas original ideas gift jar recipe ingredients christmas cookies

When you think of original gift ideas, the imaginative gifts in a glass are often an option. So you can pack carefully selected little things in a glass for every occasion. It is best to tailor the kind attentions to the respective person. It is particularly original to pack all the necessary ingredients and the recipe, e.g. a simple Christmas cookie recipe, in a jar. In this way, the person receiving the present could bake their own delicious cookies.

Small easy-care plant

souvenirs christmas original ideas plant glass

Perhaps the perfect gift for someone who enjoys gardening but does not have their own garden or part of the garden are small plants on the pot that would thrive perfectly on the windowsill. Small cacti, succulents and indoor bonsai, which are not only easy to care for, but also grow very slowly are particularly suitable for this. Above all, such plant species need a lot of light and thrive very well in very small vessels such as cups or small glasses.

Souvenirs for Christmas: Christmas fabric bag

souvenirs christmas original ideas christmas tote bag diy

A cloth bag is always close at hand. It’s practical and more environmentally friendly than the plastic bags that are usually used for shopping. A nice and at the same time extremely functional souvenir for Christmas is a beautiful fabric bag to decorate for Christmas. For this you need a white fabric bag (without decorations), which you can buy ready-made or sew yourself and also textile paint, e.g. in red. Whether freehand or with the help of a stencil, you can create a nice “Merry Christmas” font or a nice Christmas symbol. After the paint dries out, don’t forget to fix the back with an iron.

Souvenirs for Christmas: socks

Christmas presents original ideas to fill socks

Even if the socks are mostly regarded as a cliché gift for Christmas, it mainly depends on how they are presented. If you have selected high-quality socks with beautiful Christmas motifs and filled them with small surprises or sweets and tied them with a wonderful bow at the end, then there would probably be no nice souvenir for young and old for Christmas.

A souvenir for Christmas: a bottle of good wine

Christmas souvenirs original ideas for packaging wine bottles for Christmas

The socks can serve as a kind of original packaging for a good bottle of wine or another drink that you want to give as a Christmas present.

Christmas presents for girlfriends

souvenirs christmas original ideas girlfriends beauty pack things

Delight your friends with nice gifts for Christmas by packaging small cosmetic products in an original way. Here we present an idea for a nail polish and nail file that are cute tied with a ribbon.

Christmas presents for the mother-in-law

souvenirs christmas original ideas kitchen utensils arranged like night

If you still have no idea what to give your mother, mother-in-law or grandma, we have some nice inspiration for you here. As a small gift, give them a few high-quality and functional kitchen utensils and help the experienced housewife to renew her old kitchen accessories.