Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decorations for small apartments – creative ideas in the smallest of spaces

christmas decoration for small apartment hallway chairs christmas tree dolls pram

If you do not own a large apartment, then a large, lavishly decorated Christmas tree is a dream for you. Worried that your little living room will never look Christmassy and stylish? You shouldn’t be depressed because, as we all know, the little accents also have a big impact. When you look at your small spaces, think about every spot and every detail. We offer you 31 ideas for Christmas decorations for small apartments, that beautify unexpected corners and work creatively even in the smallest of spaces.

Christmas decoration for small apartments – Christmas tree made of paper

christmas decoration for small apartment modern idea paper red gray ball fir tree

Take a good look at the room that you want to decorate for Christmas. If you can’t afford a big Christmas tree, buy a small fir tree or put fir branches in a vase. They can also be decorated in a noble and elegant way with shiny mini tree pendants. Do not leave the small Christmas tree on the floor, but on a wooden sledge, on a chest of drawers or a console table in the hallway.

Christmas decorations for small apartments – unexpected places and elements

christmas decoration for small apartment wall decoration tree decoration frame idea dining room

If you don’t have space horizontally then think vertically. Decorate the walls, the windows, the shelves, the mirror frames; even the door frame. Fir garlands and small fir wreaths can be hung almost anywhere. The tree balls are also a very diverse decorative element. Use it to embellish every piece of furniture – chairs, coat hooks, chandeliers, shelves … even the door handle. Fill a glass bowl with glittering tree balls and place them on the coffee table. Throw some decorative pillows with Christmas patterns on the sofa. Every accent counts and will create a nice Christmas mood even in the smallest of spaces.

Small apartment with a large tree

christmas decoration for small apartment living room tree gold strauss

Decorate Christmas tree with paper ornaments

christmas decorations for small apartments christmas tree decorations white hearts paper

Tree balls everywhere

Christmas decoration for small apartments lamp base fill tree balls

A bowl of tree balls and fir wreaths

Christmas decoration for small apartment hallway bowl balls wreath

Let tree balls hang from the chandelier

christmas decoration small apartment chandeliers decorate tree balls

Drape garlands on the wall

christmas decorations small apartment ideas wall embellish garlands

Candles and fir trees as window decorations

christmas decoration small apartment window decoration candles mini fir trees

Mini fir wreath

christmas decoration small rooms ideas wreath fir branches berries

christmas decorations in a confined space accents chairs pine cones

small christmas tree wooden sledge base higher

window decoration christmas frame tree balls idea

christmas decorations hallway small apartment console table

christmas decoration small room mini houses fir trees paper

Christmas decorations for small apartment door frames fir garlands

Christmas decoration small apartment ideas Christmas tree corner

christmas decoration small kitchen window idea aprons  christmas decorations small accents ideas wreaths branches wall decoration

christmas decoration apartment ideas large wreath tree balls pink gold

christmas decoration small apartment ideas corner mini christmas tree

christmas decoration small ideas sprigs pot decorate

christmas decoration small apartment family photos wall christmas tree shape  Christmas decorations make small flat garlands of felt flowers

Christmas decorations for small apartments buffet decorate balls

christmas decoration small space pillow garland mirror frame ideas

christmas decoration small room ideas decoration pillows   christmas decoration small corners ideas wall ball wreath silver

christmas decoration craft ideas paper christmas trees around apartment

mini advent calendar wall boxes idea