Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decorations for outside – 46 ideas for Christmas garden decorations

christmas decoration for outside wreaths garland festive lanterns entrance

Create a happy mood with these great ideas for Christmas decorations for outside! We have put together 41 ideas with great Christmas decorations. Funny, elegant and modern – children are sure to like these characters. Decorate outside with garlands, gifts and a snowman. Or you can opt for combinations of flowers and fruits. But don’t forget the deer and Santa Claus – they are the traditional way of decorating for the holidays.

Happy decoration for the garden – Santa Claus on motorcycle

christmas decoration for outside fairy lights lighting santa claus motorcycle

You can let your imagination run wild and use elves, nutcrackers or other fairytale heroes as decoration. Don’t forget the lighting!

Christmas decorations for outside

christmas decoration for outside rustic idea christmas tree scarves rust

Nicely wrapped gifts and nutcracker figures go very well with the green decoration on the front door. The advantage is that you can keep the background simple and you don’t really need any other decorations.

Gingerbread figures – Christmas decorations for outside

christmas decoration for outside gingerbread figures cardboard idea garden

Funny colors such as red, green and blue, as well as typical Christmas figures, give the house a cozy look. Red ribbons help create a festive atmosphere.

Pretty Christmas decorations for outside

christmas decoration for outside wreath idea flower tree chain garland

Elves and other characters from the fairy tales, which are decorated with many small LED lights, can also be seen at night.

Santa Claus for outside

Santa Claus Deer Christmas Decoration Exterior

Sleigh and presents for Christmas

Christmas decoration outside garden figures

Nutcracker as decoration

Sleigh-gifts-idea-Christmas decoration outside

Santa’s reindeer

Santa Claus figurines deer

Elves as Christmas decorations

Nutcracker Elven Christmas Decoration Exterior

Christmas decorations for outside – large figures

Christmas decoration-outside-big-figures

Deer as a Christmas decoration in the garden

funny-Christmas-figures-deer-garden decoration

Snowman – figure for outside

Garden figures snowman

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