Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration ideas – old tree decorations with a new shine

christmas decoration ideas glitter decoration silver gold green christmas tree ball

Give the old tree decorations new shine – with these creative ones Christmas decoration ideas tinkering is easy.

Creative Christmas decoration ideas with old tree decorations

christmas decoration ideas green ball paint flowers idea silver fir tree

The creative ones Christmas decoration ideas don’t have to be expensive – and vice versa – they can save you time and money. Scratched tree balls, old ornaments and an artificial tree that urgently needs to be replaced – this is no reason to throw out the old tree decorations. With a little paint, music paper and thread, the old decoration will get a completely new look. For pure glamor, spray the old tree balls with glitter spray and stick small stones on them. Old balls and stars that are too exploited can be pasted with music paper. The old stars can be replaced with new ones – you only need 8 clothespins. Color the clothespin white and glue them together.

Christmas decoration ideas for the Christmas tree

christmas decoration ideas gold glamor sequins glitter tree decorations

Do not throw away the old Christmas tree – you can spread its branches on the table as decorative elements. Do you dream of a fireplace that creates a festive atmosphere in the living room? Apply blackboard paint to linen fabric and let it dry out. Draw a fireplace on it with chalk – and decorate with Christmas socks.

Christmas decorations made of fabric

Christmas decoration ideas fabric tinker fir tree trailer

Add new homemade ones to the old tree decorations. You can, for example, sew such Christmas trees out of fabric or come up with other Christmas decoration ideas. Ideas made of wood, like these below, are also a great variant that make your tree much prettier.

Wood ideas for the Christmas tree

christmas decoration ideas wood design zeppelin gears design christmas tree

One of the most creative and at the same time lightest Christmas decoration ideas for the table – make a napkin ring. You only need 6 puzzle pieces, white tape, hot glue gun and a rhinestone. Color the puzzle pieces in white / or blue, golden – depending on your taste / and glue them together. Attach the rhinestone in the center – and you’ve made a snowflake. Tie the white ribbon to it – and decorate the napkins.

Snowflakes are made from puzzle pieces

Puzzle pieces rhinestones craft ideas

Painting the fireplace on the blackboard wall and Christmas boots made from old shirts

Fireplace black chalkboard paint Santa boots

Wrap gifts creatively

beautiful paper ornaments snowflake cardboard

Book covers in line with the Christmas decorations

Christmas decorate house plaid fabric

Stick cleaning brushes to the jam jar lid, fill the jam jar with artificial snow,

close and turn around

Jam jars cleaning brush artificial snow craft ideas

Note paper as a table runner

Table runner music paper vintage table silver cutlery

Decorate glasses festively

red ribbon white tree ball glitter elements

Make a Christmas card out of scraps of paper

make yourself paper gifts ornaments

Paper ball stick on tree decorations traditional decoration

Repaint artificial tree white pine cones

renew tree ball buttons craft ideas

stick on rustic Christmas decorations nice idea

Paper bags ball decoration ideas picture frame

Wood decoration vintage style home

do it yourself ball glass coloring purple blue

Paper birds bell gingerbread golden tree ball