Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas crafts with children – Christmas decorations made of wooden beads

Christmas crafts with children - wooden beads - star - instructions - Christmas tree decorations - white - easy

In winter, when Christmas is still ahead, creative leisure activities for the little ones in the family are always a good idea to drive away boredom. The thematic Christmas crafts with children results in unique items that can be used as a harmonious decoration for the home or hung on the Christmas tree. The tinkering proves its worth even after years, when the child is no longer one, the nice memory of the sociable time together.

Christmas crafts with children – make your own star for the Christmas tree top

Christmas crafts with children - wooden pearls-star-instructions-make-yourself

The star is definitely a favorite Christmas motif. But it is not always easy to design some yourself. We offer perhaps the simplest variant – if you describe the characteristic shape with wire and use it to create a Christmas tree pendant yourself. the craft project is suitable for children of all ages, but of course under supervision.

Christmas crafts with children – star made of wooden beads as a hanger or Christmas tree top

Christmas crafts with children - wooden pearls - star - instructions - white - Scandinavian - Christmas decorations

The wooden beads are perfect as child-friendly craft material. They are available in different sizes and can therefore be easily selected according to the handicraft project. It is better to choose ones with a diameter of 1-1.5 centimeters, as they are easy to thread and are also suitable for small children. Do without those that are already colored and leave this task to your child.

Christmas crafts with children – required materials

christmas crafts-children-wooden-beads-star-instructions-materials-wire

For the star pendant made of wooden beads, in addition to wooden beads, wire, jewelry pliers and thin cord are also used to hang up when the handicraft is already finished.

Christmas crafts with children – bend the wire into a star shape


Christmas crafts with children – thread the wooden beads onto the wire

christmas crafts-children-wooden-beads-star-instructions-wire-white-simple

Help your child determine how big the star should be. Perhaps you already have plans for where it will be hung later? Cut enough of the wire and use the jewelry pliers to shape it into the desired star shape. Bend the wire so that the wooden beads can easily be pulled through afterwards.

Easy Christmas crafts with children – Tie the two of the wire together


When all the wooden beads are in the right position, bend the two ends so that they can close. Tie together and fix a wooden bead at this point so that this ‘interface’ remains invisible.

Christmas crafts with children – hang up the finished star on the Christmas tree or elsewhere

christmas-crafts-children-wooden-bead-star-instructions-christmas-tree-decorations-hangers% cc% 88nger

Tie a string to the star so that it can be hung up and the simple poinsettia is ready. If desired, the wooden beads can be designed in any color. It works very simply if you stick the pearls on kebab skewers and color them that way. Water-based paints and old nail polishes are suitable for this. Experiment with your child every time!

Christmas crafts with children – simple pendants made of wooden beads in Scandinavian style

christmas-crafts-children-wooden-beads-Aufha% cc% 88nger-instructions-scandinavian-ball

Another possibility to make the wooden beads colorful is to stick them on Schaschlick skewers and fix them firmly on them. Now put the tip of each kebab skewer with the pearl included in the paint and then let it air dry to the side. Note that dyeing turns into a blob and cover the work surface.

Christmas crafts with children – Scandinavian Christmas decorations made of wooden beads


Another idea for Christmas crafts with wooden beads that is just as easy to make simple pendants. For this you need wooden beads in any color and number of your choice, as well as string for hanging. It is advisable to use only natural materials.

Simple ideas for Christmas crafts with children – pendants made of wooden beads

Christmas crafts with children-wooden beads-simple-Scandinavian-instructions-white

Cut a sufficient length from the string, fold in two so that a loop is formed. Make a knot about 3-4 centimeters under the loop and thread 2-3-4 wooden beads. Design according to your own preferences and end the trailer with a sturdy knot.

Funny Christmas crafts with children – make gnomes from wooden beads yourself

christmas-crafts-children-wooden-beads-imp-instructions-kugel-mu% cc% 88tzen

Pixies and gnomes are one of the most popular symbols of Christmas that children really like. They are cute and with their constant smiles on their faces they always look in a good mood that infects everyone. Really great pixies in the Scandinavian style can be tinkered with wooden beads with a slightly larger diameter. The instructions are child-friendly and particularly easy to follow. Get the useful materials first.

Christmas crafts with children – simple instructions for cute gnomes made of wooden beads

Christmas crafts with children-wooden beads-imp-instructions-metarielien-felt-ball

You need wooden beads in two sizes for the bodies and heads of the elves, triangles made of felt for the hut and a bell each, as well as paint and hot glue as an aid. In order for the elves to look really wintry, you need smart clothing – cut thin strips of felt in a different color, which you then tie as a scarf under the head of each figure.

Sweet ideas for Christmas crafts with children – make pixies yourself

christmas crafts-children-wooden-beads-imp-instructions-creative-balls-easy

First color the large balls and leave the small ones as they are – in the natural color of the wood. Fix it with the smaller diameter on the larger wooden bead. Make small cone bags from the triangular pieces of felt and fix small bells at the very tip. Don’t let the elves freeze in winter and tie a scarf around their necks.

Treat yourself to a more good mood for Christmas through Christmas crafts with children

Christmas crafts-children-wooden-beads-imp-instructions-decoration-cute-creative

A loop can be worked into the elf’s pointed hat and hung up somewhere as a creative Christmas decoration. Making a whole family of pixies is another idea that your children would surely like.