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Christmas card trend 2020: original ideas for DIY shake cards

The Advent season is getting closer. In addition, we have prepared original ideas on how you can design your greeting cards. Who is not happy to find a personal Christmas card in their mailbox? After we have shown you how to embroider wonderful cards and decorate them creatively with different materials, we are now introducing you to a fun new Christmas card trend 2020: the cool shaker cards that will delight young and old alike. Because no matter who picks up the sweet card, you start shaking and have a lot of fun. In the following you will find out how you can make these original Christmas cards yourself.

What is a shake card?

simple christmas card with snowman and stamps

The Shaker card is practically a greeting card that has a “viewing window” (usually on the front). This “bag” made of two transparent layers of film contains different types of materials such as sequins, pearls and the like. When the card is shaken, these small materials move and roll back and forth and create a nice effect. The window / opening of the shake card may cover a small part or all of the surface of the card depending on the design and what you want to put inside.

Christmas card in copper and dark blue

Shake cards can be designed and sent for different occasions, for example for the birthday of friends, colleagues or relatives or as a greeting card for the birth of a baby. A Shaker Card is a nice and personal gift, especially at Christmas. A winter landscape looks even more lively when the viewing window of the shaking card is filled with white glitter powder.

How to design Christmas cards?

Christmas card with shaking window snow globe

What shape can a Shaker card window have? Basically, card openings can be designed in any shape, provided you have the tools to make them. Depending on the theme of the card, there are very different options: Hearts, flowers, butterflies, clouds, sun, pumpkins, Easter eggs, trees, balloons, cupcakes, teacups, etc. Even from simple shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles, Squares, diamonds and stars can be conjured up beautiful works of art. The following variants are most often preferred for Christmas cards: snow globe, Christmas tree, Christmas tree ball and snow landscape.

simple Christmas card with shaker reindeer

If you want to make more intricate shapes, such as a reindeer, that obviously can’t be cut out with scissors or a cutter (just like some of the ideas we’re about to bring you), keep in mind that you should be using a die cutting machine. It would be nice if you already have one or give yourself one before Christmas.

Use Christmas confetti for shake cards

Christmas confetti is ideal as a shaking material for the Christmas cards. This is also available in different shapes such as snowflakes, holly leaves, candy canes and fir trees. Of course, you can also improvise because there are a multitude of little things that you can use to make a shaker card.

Here is a list of things that can be put in a shake card:

  • Sequins in all colors, shapes and sizes
  • Confetti (including homemade with a die cutter)
  • Sugar pearls for cake decorations
  • little buttons
  • small pieces of colored tape
  • Plastic or glass beads
  • Rhinestones
  • Metal or plastic tags
  • Cardboard letters and numbers
  • colored artificial sand
  • Coffee and cocoa beans
  • dried flowers
  • Decorative moss
  • Mini shells and starfish
  • dried herbs and spices (such as star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried mint leaves, etc.)
  • Rice, lentils and other dry foods with a very long shelf life
  • Birdseed mixes
  • Felt shapes of all kinds
  • Himalayan salt

How to make a simple Christmas card with a shaker box

Make simple Christmas cards in rose gold

Required materials:

Shaking material in Christmas shapes

Blank postcards in the desired format

optional: designer paper as a background

Punch or pencil, scissors and craft knife

Foam tape / adhesive spacers

elastic adhesive for paper and plastic film

Plastic film, transparent cover or acetate sheets

Stickers and stickers to decorate the card


Step 1 – Decide on the design of the shaking windows for your Christmas cards. We picked a star and a circle to best show off the Christmas confetti.

step 2 – Draw the shape you want to cut out on the face of the card. If you are unsure about how to draw, you can use a stencil. Alternatively, you can use a punch machine to punch out the shaking window.

Modern Christmas card DIY in rose gold and pastel colors

Optional: Cut a piece of cardstock about 0.5 cm per side smaller than the top card. This card would be the background that you will see through the shaker window. So you can also make it more interesting. Glue the cardboard onto the card.

step 3 – Cut out 2 pieces of acetate or use a cling film that is slightly larger than the window. Tape the front part from the back with cling film.

Step 4 – Now stick the foam adhesive strips around the foil window so that you cannot see it from the front and no material can fall out. Also glue strips of double-sided tape along the sides.

Make a shake card with a window out of plastic foil

Step 5 – Now place the confetti in the middle of the card and glue the card together.

Step 6 – Finally, decorate the front of your card with stickers or stamps and write down your wishes!

Schüttelkarte Christmas card with asterisks DIY

What you should pay attention to when doing handicrafts in brief:

  • For a simple card you need 3 elements:

– 1 front part with the viewing window, which is decorated for Christmas

– 1 card made of designer paper or with a nice saying, which you can then see through the window

– 1 basic map, on the back of which the wishes are written or glued

  • There should be enough space between the plastic wrap and the card for the shaking material to move easily. If you do not have foam adhesive tape at hand, you can increase the distance appropriately with 2 layers of double-sided adhesive tape.

Everything else is up to your creativity!

And how does that work with a folded card?

make original Christmas cards snow globe

If you want to make a folding card Christmassy, ​​the principle for making the shaker box is basically the same. It is only important to note that the shaking window should be glued to the front of the card. If it remains inside, the card will not close properly. When you open the card, you will also see the Shaker Box from the back.

Here is a good example of what that would look like:

DIY Christmas card snow globe instructions

And here is the better variant:

Create a Christmas-themed folding card with a shaking window

Now you know how to make a Christmas shake card! So that you can be inspired for your own project, we have prepared many great ideas in our picture gallery. Have fun tinkering and shaking!

Christmas card with 3D decoration

Christmas card with vintage flair

Scandinavian style pixies

Less is more

Shadow box

Transparent sequins go well with almost all colors

Glitter powder as snow in the snow globe

Pearls make more noise when shaken and are great fun for children

With such a design, your congratulations will take center stage 

Simple yet impressive design

A gradient is extremely popular for backgrounds of all kinds

You can give your card even more shine with rhinestones

creative Christmas card in gold and red - Christmas tree decorations with shaking window

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