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Choosing a Christmas tree – tips for fresh fir greenery

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas tree? Which type of fir is the best? How can we keep the Christmas tree fresh longer? Not all of us know how we do choose the Christmas tree should. Here are just a few tips on what to consider before buying.

Choosing tips for the Christmas tree

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First of all, you need to be clear about what you want. Each type of fir is a little different, so the best Christmas tree should suit the needs of the family. For example, if you have kids, you should Pine or fir with soft needles instead of spruce choose. Check for the tree fresh is. Bend a needle in half. Fresh fir trees are easy to bend and do not break.

Choose a Christmas tree – soft or hard needles

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Notice if a lot of needles fall off. Look for a tree that is evenly colored. Some types of Christmas trees are deep green in color, but when very dry they are gray – green tones.

Keep the fir tree fresh longer

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Freshen up the tree trunk. As soon as you bring the Christmas tree home, cut about 1 cm from the tree trunk and put it in water. After the cut, the needles will stay fresh longer. Don’t forget to measure the size of the tree. Before going out, measure the height of the ceiling as well.

Decorate the Christmas tree in gold

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Put your tree in a cool place. You might think of placing the tree next to the stove, but doing so would dry out the tree faster.

Check needles when choosing

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Christmas tree decorations in shades of brown

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Enjoy fresh green in the living room

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Christmas tree with gold decorations

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Festively decorate the Christmas tree

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Silver Christmas tree decorations

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Gold and red

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Fresh green needles

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choosing the perfect christmas tree buying tips