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It is hard to imagine 26 million households in Germany without it at Christmas time: the Christmas tree. You would like to buy a stately and appealing Christmas tree and set it up in the living room, where it is hung with all sorts of red and gold accessories and traditionally illuminated with real candles, for example. The Christmas tree is admired and contemplated for about two weeks; for two weeks, a Christmas tree becomes the centerpiece of the apartment in all its splendor. For this purpose, the fir trees are grown on large plantations. Hardly any tree is actually felled in the forest. Ultimately, the Christmas tree ends up chopped up in the fireplace in January or is picked up by the municipal utilities or the fire brigade after Epiphany. Usually the trees are then burned. More than two thirds of the domestic demand for fir trees is generated through cultivation on plantations. Loud is very popular kn-online including the Nordmann fir, whose home is mostly in the Caucasus. The German tree nurseries collect the seeds there and grow them in local areas. At the age of three, the trees are planted in the field and are allowed to grow naturally. A tree needs up to ten years of intensive care before it can shine in the glow of lights on Christmas Eve.

Buy a Christmas tree – the artificial fir tree as an alternative

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One of the most outstanding advantages of an artificial Christmas tree is that it can be reused year after year without any problems. From an ecological point of view, it is therefore undeniable. Due to the high-quality workmanship, the difference between an artificial Christmas tree and a real model is hardly noticeable today. For the Fir trees in this overview the exclusive True NeedleTM technology is used to create a realistic impression. This is especially true for higher quality models that are optically based on existing types of fir, which in turn is achieved by suppliers using special manufacturing techniques. In addition, artificial firs are usually perceived much more beautifully, almost idealized in their upright, straight “growth”. The price advantage cannot be despised either. Since the purchase of an artificial fir tree with needs-based treatment usually only has to be made once, there is also more budget in the long term for gifts that are to be given to loved ones. So far, a lot of time has also been spent looking for the right tree, you want to buy a perfectly fitting Christmas tree that ultimately needs to be transported home somehow. In many households there are still carpets or carpets in the living room. With a freshly felled tree, which gets drier with time, you always have to fight with the needles that have fallen. This aspect is also omitted with an artificial fir. In terms of safety, the artificial fir can also win, as it is not only very stable, but also very flame-retardant.

Buying a Christmas tree – the disadvantages of artificial trees

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The lack of a scent is seen as one of the biggest disadvantages of an artificial fir. After all, the idea of ​​a perfect Christmas also includes the fir aromas that fill the house. An artificial tree cannot do that, an artificial fir is simply not real. Particularly extravagant specimens are even made of acrylic. Because of this, traditionally minded or elderly people refuse to sing their songs under an artificial fir on Christmas Eve, because they grew up with really fragrant, freshly felled trees.

 Buy a Christmas tree – traditional trees

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The Christmas tree is an integral part of traditional Christmas, not only in Germany, without much discussion. Just like mandarins, oranges, gingerbread and candles, it is part of Christian Christmas culture. Christmas time is a contemplative time, one in which people retreat to their homes and become a little quieter. But where does the custom with the tree in the Christmas room actually come from??

Small Christmas tree

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For around 80 percent of all Germans, the Christmas tree with tinsel and pepper nuts and a Christmas tree top is the symbolic center of the festival. Where the customs come from is rather irrelevant, because after all, the birth of Jesus, the actual occasion for the Christmas celebration, has also receded into the background for most people. Many only enjoy the days off, being together with loved ones and the opportunities to pamper themselves and their loved ones, to give them beautiful gifts. Even some followers of the Islamic faith use the Christmas days for a get-together with their families and some families sometimes celebrate under the Christmas tree.

Buying a Christmas tree – The custom is now also popular in Asia

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The custom of the Christmas tree has already penetrated as far as Asia, but more as a decoration for the immigrant Europeans. Like many church festivals, Christmas also contains pagan elements, i.e. cultural assets that have been borrowed from the pagan cycle and customs. The Christmas tree also has its origin in pagan custom. In the Middle Ages, people decorated their houses with evergreen branches from the mistletoe or fir tree. In the 16th century, Alsatians first began to decorate their trees with sweets at Christmas time, and candles on trees were introduced in Europe in the 18th century. The Christmas tree began its triumphant advance in the 19th century, when it was first erected in public places, first in cities and later in village squares. Soon the first hand-blown Christmas tree balls and a kind of tinsel appeared. The tinsel was intended to imitate the glitter of the icicles in nature. Based on the customs of Protestant families, the fir tree established itself as a Christmas decoration in bourgeois households. At first the Catholic Church resisted the new pagan custom, calling it an “anti-nativity scene”. However, Christmas firs have also been found in Catholic churches since the middle of the 20th century. Only in 1982 did Pope John Paul allow a Christmas tree to be erected in St. Peter’s Square.

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