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Bleaching pine cones: make a puristic Christmas decoration in white!

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An imaginative decoration made of natural materials makes Christmas more festive and creates a special atmosphere. Get in the mood for the upcoming festival with modern, puristic arrangements in muted tones and create a smooth transition between the autumn and winter decorations. Turn your house into a winter fairy tale with snow-covered fir branches, wooden stars and cotton tablecloths. Homemade Christmas wreaths, table decorations or garlands are particularly charming. White pine cones often play the main role. They prove to be an atmospheric, puristic alternative to traditional color duos such as green and brown and give the interior a modern touch. We’ll show you DIY instructions and explain in detail how you can bleach the pine cones and give you some ideas for stylish presentations. let yourself be inspired!

Bleaching pine cones: an overview of the materials

Bleaching pine cones Instructions to make Christmas decorations yourself

You don’t need a lot of materials for your project – you probably already have most of them around your house anyway. Here comes the full list:

Two plastic buckets, bigger and smaller. Make sure that the little one fits into the big one.

Bleach of your choice


Bricks, glass bottles filled with water, or any other object that you can use as a weight.


Baking soda (baking soda)

rubber gloves

Bleaching pine cones – safe use of bleach

Pinecone Bleaching Instructions Materials Overview

First, collect the pine cones and let them dry in a warm, well-ventilated room for 2-3 days. You can put the cones on newspaper and then have to turn them over twice a day. It is basically very easy to whiten pine cones. In any case, you have to be patient – it takes up to two weeks for them to completely change their color. In the meantime, you should find a well-ventilated room in the house where you can store the plastic bucket with the tenons. This can be the washroom, for example – provided it has a window. Children and animals should not have access to the room. If you want to bleach pine cones, then there are a few rules you need to follow. Extra care must be taken when handling bleach. Always wear rubber gloves and long-sleeved blouses. Ventilate the room well before you go in and while you are inside.

Pine cones white – The DIY guide

Dipping pine cones bleaching instructions step by step

When you’ve prepared everything and the pine cones are dry, it’s time to start bleaching. Put on rubber gloves and pour about 1 1/2 liters of bleach into the large plastic bucket. Pour another 1/2 liter of lukewarm water and carefully dip the pine cones into the bucket. Cover the tenons with the smaller plastic bucket and place the bricks on top. Let the pine cones soak for a day, check the next day whether they are still completely brown or have already started to change their color. If you are still completely brown after 24 hours, you can add 1/2 liter of bleach. Wait another 24 hours and then take out the pine cones and rinse them under running water. Then place in the small bucket, pour lukewarm water over it, shake gently. Throw away the water. Sprinkle the pine cones with half a cup of baking soda (baking soda). The baking soda is supposed to neutralize the unpleasant smell of the bleach. Pour lukewarm water into the plastic bucket, shake it and throw the water out. Under no circumstances put the pine cones in the oven, next to the fireplace or the heater. It is best to let the wet pine cones dry on the balcony or terrace. It will take about 10 days for them to be completely dry. Then they will slowly open up again.

Bleach pine cones and decorate with artificial snow

Pine cones white instructions brush artificial snow glue

Snow-covered pine cones give the Christmas anticipation a shape and create a romantic atmosphere at the table. Here’s how to fake the look: buy fine white sand from the craft shop. Brush the pine cones with glue and dip them in the artificial snow. Let them dry aside.

Bleaching pine cones – decoration ideas in white

pine cones bleach cotton rope maritime in winter

And that’s how fascinating the end result looks – you can arrange the snow-covered pine cones in a bowl. Together with rope and cotton twig, they form an attractive arrangement in the maritime style of living.

Pine cones bleach white pumpkins autumn winter decoration driftwood

Pine cones and pumpkins are a popular duo at the festive table for Thanksgiving. But even afterwards, a tone-on-tone arrangement breathes a winter mood into the interior. White pine cones and pumpkins of the “Baby Boo” variety look particularly appealing.

Pine cones bleach Christmas decorate door wreath tuja branches linen ribbon

The bleached pine cones last a very long time and are weatherproof – so they can easily be used as part of the decoration at the house entrance.

Bleaching pine cones puristic table decorations make your own Christmas bell ideas

If you want to let your creativity run free, you can make a garland out of driftwood, bells and pine cones. Together with wooden poinsettias, the garland can decorate the mantelpiece.

Pine cones bleach driftwood poinsettias make fairy lights

For the best effect, you can wrap a chain of lights around the puristic garland – it creates exciting lighting effects in the evening.

Pine cones bleach garland mantelpiece artificial snow driftwood rose hip

Or you can add color accents with red Christmas tree balls. If you prefer natural materials, go for rose hip.

Pine cones bleach pine branches rose hip garland

According to the mix-and-match trend, non-bleached and bleached pine cones can be combined perfectly.

Make your own Christmas tree out of pine cones and decorate it with a red ball

You can even make a Christmas tree out of white pine cones. You can find more suggestions in the photo gallery below.

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