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8 Christmas games with the whole family to pass the time

It often happens that the television is on on Christmas Eve to shorten the waiting time until midnight and to drive away boredom. But that doesn’t have to be the case, as this can quickly spoil the harmonious family celebration. Funny Christmas games ensure variety and a good atmosphere, which gather the whole family in such a moment and bring entertainment and action to the family celebration.

Funny Christmas games to pass the time

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Funny Christmas games provide a lot of fun both in close family circles and among friends. Classic board games, but also action-packed party games, serve to pass the time in the waiting time until midnight. Some Christmas games require some preparation and some knowledge of the Christmas story.

Funny Christmas gift giving games

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Although the handing over of gifts is very exciting in itself, the level of interest can still be increased a bit. This prevents everyone from rushing to their presents at the same time and the whole thing is over quickly.

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Christmas games – Secret Santa

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The gift giving game is all the more fun when as many people as possible take part. However, it is a pre-Christmas custom that is mainly cultivated among work colleagues, schoolmates and groups of friends. All participants have to make a small present beforehand. Most of the time, it is appreciated if you approach it with humor. The type of gifts is determined under the group, a motto can also be determined.

Christmas games – children make small gifts

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All gifts are collected in a large sack at a specific time. In turn, the little things are taken out. For example, you can pack biscuits, cookies, candies or lighters, small toys, decorative figures and even collages with family pictures. Everyone has to guess who made their present. Of course, the others are allowed to give insider tips. At the end, the lovingly labeled greeting cards are also read out.

Unpacking gifts: Organize the game for Christmas and make the gifts exciting

Christmas games Unpacking presents Ideas for a more cheerful atmosphere around the Christmas tree

In most families, the process at Christmas is similar: gifts are traditionally unwrapped and tried out after dinner. In theory, giving out gifts should be the highlight of the holiday season, because that’s when the whole family sits together. It actually gets boring after several years. It’s much more exciting when you organize a fun game and involve all family members. So every gift gets the attention it deserves and the giving of presents becomes a special experience for young and old. We will give you several ideas on how you can distribute the gifts creatively.

Unpacking Christmas games for presents: Secret Santa

Unwrap Presents Game Christmas Adults in the Office or Friends

This variant of giving presents is ideal for a formal company party, for large families with large children or for singles who like to celebrate with their friends. So that everyone has fun, it is important that the guests know each other well. The game is fun for young and old and the cost of gifts is reasonable. The rules are very simple. At the beginning of December, several weeks before Christmas, all family members write their names on pieces of paper. Then the elves will be drawn and each family member will find out who they have to buy a gift for. However, he keeps this information to himself and does not share it with the others. There are as many presents under the tree on Christmas Eve as there are guests. Then, starting with the youngest guests, everyone can unwrap their present. Once all of the presents have been unpacked, everyone tries to guess who their present might come from.

The Christmas game has several advantages: everyone has fun and gets to know each other better. Every gift is carefully unwrapped and given attention. At the same time, the gifts are distributed quickly, so that there is enough time for more games and the family does not have to be bored. The game is not suitable for families with small children, as they often have no patience and can hardly wait for them to receive their gift.

Unpacking gifts: Christmas game for families with small children

Unwrap gifts ideas for families with older children

Families with small children can opt for a slip game. The rules are inspired by the traditional treasure hunt that is organized on children’s birthday parties. The process of the game is also similar: the presents are not placed under the Christmas tree, but hidden in the house. Each family member receives a note with a note. The possibilities are practically endless. Parents can also create a treasure map, glue it on cardboard and then cut it into many pieces. The children then have to put the puzzle together. The participants have to solve puzzles, find clues and complete tasks until they can finally find their present and unpack it. On the way, they are rewarded with small toys or sweets.

This party game can also be modified for adults, but it is much more fun for toddlers of kindergarten age. How long the game lasts can be determined by the “organizers”, i.e. the parents. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, adults should choose and compile age-appropriate tasks.

Unpacking gifts: Organize the dice game

Christmas games unwrapping presents Ideas for families with small children and for large families

Families with school-age children can leave themselves to chance and distribute the gifts with a game of dice. Perhaps the most famous dice game for Christmas also has the simplest rules. All family members sit down around the Christmas tree and throw a dice one after the other. If you roll a one, you get a present. If it’s his gift, he puts it in front of him. If there are other names on it, the player gives it to the other family member. Whoever throws a two has to sit out. If you roll a three, you should recite a Christmas poem or sing a festive song. If you roll a four, you can personally hand over the gift that you have bought or made. If you throw a five, you have to put one of your presents back under the Christmas tree. If you roll a 6, then he may unwrap his present.

The game is fun, but it can take a long time to unpack all of the gifts. So patience is required, which small children often do not have. Basically, the smaller the family, the sooner the Christmas game will come to an end.

Unwrapping gifts: fun game for friends or colleagues

Unwrapping gifts Game for the whole family

In close family circles, where everyone knows each other well, it is very easy to plan and carry out a fun game. But what if you are organizing a company party or celebrating Christmas with friends? Even couples who have recently married and the two families are spending Christmas together for the first time are often looking for games that will loosen up the atmosphere. The next Christmas game is great for celebrations where the guests don’t know each other well. The rules are very simple: each guest brings a present and puts it under the Christmas tree. All gifts are provided with letters from A to Z. Each guest draws a piece of paper with a letter on it. Then you choose the gift that has the same letter on it. In this way, all the gifts are gradually distributed. If you want to make unpacking more complicated, then two more rules apply. Every guest has the right to exchange their unwrapped present for one that has already been unwrapped.

Unpack the present: Christmas game: “Guess the present”

Christmas games gift unwrapping ideas for families with children

Is it a book, a DVD or maybe something completely different? If the gifts are not in a “standard shape”, you can organize one last exciting game before unpacking them. Everyone sits in a circle around the Christmas tree and a guest or family member gets up, takes their present and tries to guess what’s inside. It’s a lot of fun, because the other family members are of course also allowed to give tips.

 Active Christmas Games – Christmas Activity


The number of players for this Christmas game is not limited. But it would be an advantage if at least four people take part. Preparation is also required here. Many craft cards have to be tinkered with. Three of them are written on or marked with a symbol: drawing, explaining and pantomime. These are the activity cards. The term cards can be labeled with a wide variety of terms relating to Christmas. The number of these playing cards is freely selectable.

Make playing cards for family games yourself

christmas-games-christmas-games-ma% cc% 88dchen-paint-draw-creatively

The playing cards with the terms are placed face down on six stacks. In a seventh pile you divide these with the symbols. Teams are now formed and an activity card and a concept card are drawn out in sequence. The participant has to explain the term by drawing, pantomime or verbal and his team has to guess it. Every correct term brings a plus point to the respective team. If you wish, you can also play for time, which gives you an additional point.

Active Christmas games for Christmas Eve – Christmas theater


A scenario for the Christmas story can be prepared using a template from the Internet. It can refer to the Bible or staged a modern variant. Someone has to be the director and he’ll assign the roles. The trick with this game is proper planning. The participants should keep the actual story that is being played as short as possible so that everyone has a lot of fun. Impromptu improvisations are that certain something that defines the game

Playing Christmas games for two – cookie massage


This game is played in pairs. One of the two lies face down, as if for a massage, or sits on a chair so that his back is freely accessible. Now the other begins to bake cookies on his back and tells how he does it. The story is basically a baking instruction that can be felt by moving your hands and fingers.

Playing with Santa Claus – Nikolaus, your bell is gone


This game is known by several names – Nikolaus, your bell is gone “,” Lynx, your bone is gone “or” Bello, your bone is gone “. However, it is about the same thing – everyone is sitting in a circle, one is Santa Claus, or Nicholas or Bello. He lies down asleep in the center of the circle. However, face down and through the night, he cannot see who stole his bell, which is otherwise over his head. All participants now take their hands behind their backs, but only one holds the bell. Everyone screams in one voice: ‘Santa Claus, your bell is gone’ and he wakes up. Now he has to guess who has his bell. He then asks everyone the same question: ‘Do you have my bell?’ And the child has to show his hands. Santa Claus only has three attempts. If he finds who his bell is in, he becomes the new Santa Claus. Otherwise, the same child will play the role of Santa again.

Interesting games for Christmas – Christmas pimples


Christmas kimps is a variation of the Nikolauskimpsel. all kinds of items related to Christmas are put in a box, basket or sack. The basket is then covered with an opaque cloth. Now everyone is sitting in a circle and one is allowed to begin. He puts his hand under the cloth, takes an object, but is allowed to take his hand out. He feels the thing under the cloth and tries to describe and guess it. Then he puts it in front of the others. So everyone gets it

Creative Christmas games to pass the time for children


At the second step in the game the basket is empty and all objects are on the floor. Everyone has a few seconds to remember what exactly is there at the moment. Now a player goes out of the room and the others put something secretly in the basket. The teammate should now guess what is missing. Here, too, all players have their turn.

Sensual games for Christmas – scent game


Christmas is the time of many scents. However, it is sometimes not so easy to recognize them straight away. every thing has a characteristic aroma and children can experience it too, and why not rediscover it? Various things related to Christmas are filled in small vessels. They don’t necessarily have to be eatable. Anise, vanilla, pine needles, tangerine pieces, orange peel, chopped nuts, but also others, are possible here. Each thing should be placed in a different vessel. Now you connect your eyes with a cloth and with your eyes closed you can draw, but not touch it with your fingers. He now has to describe what he can smell and guess what is in the vessel.

Christmas scent game – guess different little things with a special aroma 


The play of scents can be expanded into a scent memory. Several identical containers or small vessels are required for this. These must each be filled two with the same fragrance. With your eyes also closed, you can smell the different fragrance containers and guess which two fragrances are the same.

Children can best pass the waiting time with active games 

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Christmas games and creative activities to pass the time at Christmas


Cozy, sensual atmosphere for family celebrations


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