Christmas decoration ideas

35 festive Christmas decoration ideas – classic arrangement

festive christmas decorations candles romantic mantelpiece green wreath silver

Arrange one festive Christmas decorations in classic style. Glamorous, in traditional colors red, white or gold, the Christmas decorations can decorate the house entrance, the staircase, the fireplace or the Christmas tree.

Festive Christmas decorations in traditional colors

festive christmas decorations mantelpiece wreath garland candles socks christmas tree

Decorate the house glamorous and glamorous – with Christmas decorations in gold and red colors. This traditional color scheme will always stay on trend. Small golden candles or just a string of lights will complement the overall look. Traditionally the poinsettias, the snowflakes, the ball and different figures / like deer / belong to the decoration of the Christmas tree. If you are adorned with glitter elements, they will certainly attract attention. Red bow will bring out the design even better. Fresh flowers in combination with golden balls are suitable decorations for the mantelpiece. It’s that quick and easy it can be festive Christmas decorations arrange in the house.,

Festive Christmas decorations – traditional and modern at the same time

festive christmas decoration modern white gray christmas tree stone fireplace

The Christmas decorations can look traditional and at the same time modern – yes, this is possible when a traditional Christmas tree is combined with other modern decorations. The white color has been all the rage lately – it symbolizes the snow and is therefore a nice addition to the Christmas decorations. White can be combined with different colors such as gold or silver. the festive Christmas decorations in white has a great attraction – it looks pure and natural. So it’s no wonder that it’s preferred in the White House as well.

Decoration idea for Christmas for outside

festive christmas decoration outdoor idea rustic door wreath lanterns jewelry

Christmas arrangement for the banister

festive christmas decorations stair railing arrangement gold balls

Red ball – traditional Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree

red white christmas decoration idea ball santa boots

Oversized Christmas figure in the living room

original Christmas decoration Christmas tree deer fireplace small figures

Red bow and white sleigh on the Christmas tree

beautiful festive decoration Christmas sleigh candles fireplace

Paper stars as decoration for the Christmas tree

red white Christmas decoration Hirch silver figure paper stars

Pine cones and birds as accents

red christmas cones fir branches mantelpiece decoration

White ball – deer figure

festive Christmas tree decoration deer figure white golden silver color

Snow White and Blue Ball

Living room for Christmas decorate white blue Christmas tree poinsettias

Beige and gold accents

Christmas formal decor choosing Christmas tree decorating golden ribbon

Golden Ball

festive Christmas decoration fairy lights golden ball

High Christmas tree – festively decorated

Make festive Christmas decorations yourself

Nice table decorations and golden candles

golden red accents Christallmassen table decoration Christmas

Colorful ball – green, red, golden

Christmas tree ornament Christmas ball arrange gold red green

Festive table decoration with a beautiful golden poinsettia

festive Christmas decoration table poinsettia napkins golden color

Candles and roses

Mantelpiece Christmas decoration roses candles rose hip

For the family dinner – decoration with cones and red accessories

Dining table glamorous decorate Christmas tree silver napkins red bow

Christmas decorations in red and white

Christmas decor ideas white color red accents paper birds stars Christmas boots

Christmas tree decorate fireplace gold red festive decoration idea

beautiful lanterns Christmas decorations arrange cool Christmas decorations

Rosehip Christmas decorations decorate the stairwell festively

Santa boots mantelpiece gold white decoration ideas

white christmas decoration idea gifts modern idea

Front door christmas decoration red ball golden accents big figuresHouse entrance festive decorate formal decoration Christmas wreath fir tree

Christmas bird's nest festive table decoration gifts ball

cute decoration idea christmas tree gifts wrapped bear