Christmas decoration ideas

30 ideas for Christmas decorations made of wood and crafting tips

Christmas decorations made of wood - handicrafts - diy - diamond - gold - Christmas tree decorations - do it yourself - hang up

A beautiful Christmas decorations made of wood you can easily make it yourself and provide unique Christmas tree decorations. Here you will find some creative and interesting ideas and crafting tips on how to create a decorative decoration for Christmas yourself with simple means and materials. Find out more by reading on!

Unique wooden Christmas decorations – instructions in pictures

Christmas decoration made of wood -tinker-diy-diamond-hanging-christmas-tree-decorations-gold-stylish

Our first suggestion for the Christmas decorations made of wood is made from wood paper and represents a small and light Christmas tree ornament to hang up. For this you need wood paper, normal paper, a carpet knife, color of your choice and small hooks to hang up. First you choose suitable motifs that can be folded out of the paper. In this case, it’s a diamond. Print out the scheme in the desired size or draw it. Cut out all parts from the wooden paper and pay attention to the greatest possible accuracy, so that afterwards a real piece of jewelry is created. Glue the individual wooden paper elements onto the paper scheme and fold carefully. Glue the figure together in the indicated places with transparent glue (a simple, transparent school glue for paper is suitable for this purpose). Finally, attach a hook to the center of the top of the diamond. If you wish, you can cover the wood look with paint. A diamond in gold or silver would look particularly tasteful.

Christmas decorations made of wood – diamonds as Christmas tree decorations

Christmas-decorations-made-of-wood-handicrafts-diy-diamant-from-DIY-gold-Christmas tree decorations

Simply imitate our great Christmas decoration ideas and delight your family and guests with a unique decoration for the party!

 Christmas decorations – useful materials for the handicraft project 


Diamond from wood paper in four easy steps

Christmas-decorations-made-of-wood-handicrafts-diy-diamond-gold-paper-wood-paper-gold-paint-brush* a DIY project by

Wooden Christmas decorations and handicraft tips – snowflake made of clothespins


Small wooden figures in the shape of fir trees


 Christmas decorations and handicraft tips – Christmas tree made of driftwood


Light cone-shaped construction made of cardboard

christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-driftwood-fir-tree-pieces of wood-christmas-tree-do it yourself

 Attractive balls made of driftwood

Christmas decoration-wood-tinker-driftwood-ball-wooden stick-pieces of wood-

Creative, funny idea – make your own reindeer from scraps of wood


 Creative ideas

christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-deer-driftwood-small-fir-glass-ball-gold-sackcloth-jute cord

Build a Christmas tree yourself from wooden boards

christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-diy-christmas-tree-wooden boards-shelves-deco-white-stylish-idea

 Wooden Christmas decoration on the mantelpiece


Small triangles as fir trees made of driftwood

christmas-decoration-wood-tinker - wooden disks-driftwood-fir-christmas-trees-ball shabi-chic

Glue wooden disks on the wall in the shape of a fir tree

christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-wood-disks-wall-decoration-simply-stick on


christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-diy-wreath-pieces of wood-driftwood-make-yourself


Christmas decoration-wood-tinker - wreath-ball-star-garland-driftwood-white-stylish-of course


christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-star-driftwood-white-sea slug-starfish-sand-deco



christmas-decoration-wood-tinker-creative-idea-outdoor-wooden blocks-snowman-funny

christmas-decoration-made-of-wood-wall-decoration wooden discs motifs fir trees reindeer

christmas-decorations-made-of-wood-star strips elegant scandinavian idea wall

christmas-decoration-made-of-wood-wooden disc idea nails twine fir tree christmas tree decorations

christmas-decoration-made-of-wood-star wooden strips idea garland pine cones

christmas-decorations-made-of-wood-rustic boards shabby fir-trees