Christmas decoration ideas

25 cool craft ideas for Christmas made from recycled materials

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Christmas is associated with the most beautiful holidays and maybe shortly before with the festive decoration of the house. So what tips are and Craft ideas for Christmas always asked and welcome. Try something different this year and decorate your home with sustainable materials. Recycle cardboard, PET bottles, newspaper or wine corks yourself – make beautiful, unique Christmas decorations without polluting the environment by buying cheap plastic things.

Craft ideas for Christmas made of cardboard

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You can create beautiful things yourself with really little effort. All you need is a little inspiration. Make Christmas decorations out of corrugated cardboard and decorate with glitter or paint in gold and silver. These little trinkets will certainly not be broken if you fall off the Christmas tree. If you have larger pieces of cardboard, you can even cut out an entire Christmas tree and place it in the room. Be creative and think green!

Craft ideas for Christmas – an advent calendar with a difference

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Have you considered throwing away the toilet paper rolls with the waste paper? Keep around 25 and use them to make a wonderful Advent calendar for someone special. Arrange the rolls side by side like honeycombs and close one side of the cylinder. Put in little surprises – here you can really unfold your imagination and put in funny little objects or banknotes. Decorate the rolls with suitable decorative paper and fix the rolls together with a hot glue gun. Tie it up decoratively with a nice ribbon and hang it on the wall.

Advent calendar made from toilet paper rolls

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Surprise your loved one with creative ideas, small gifts and decorations that you make yourself and prepare especially for them. By using more recycled materials instead of getting new ones from the store, you not only save money, but you are also thinking about the outdoors. Great upcycling examples show wonderful creations that have arisen from used objects of everyday use.

Advent calendar made of toilet paper rolls – handicraft instructions


How long will the advent calendar be used? – 25 days. Would a child or even an adult be more happy about a purchased Advent calendar if it is already clear what is behind the little window? Or would you ask yourself what could actually be in the self-made ones? Add variety during the holidays with original handmade jewelry, decorations and gifts and surprise your loved one!

Decorate the advent calendar beautifully with decorative paper

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Hang it on the wall with a loop

Craft ideas for Christmas -recycling-advent-calendar-toilet-paper-rolls-green-red-hanging-wall

Craft ideas for Christmas – homemade advent calendar 

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Make your own advent calendar

Craft ideas for Christmas -recycling-advent-calendar-toilet-paper-rolls-creative-idea

An environmentally friendly Christmas tree to make yourself

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Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas tree made from soup cans

DIY-ideas-christmas-recycling-soup cans-christmas-tree-diy-useful-materials-creative

Christmas tree made from soup cans – instructions

tinkering-ideas-christmas-recycling-soup cans-christmas-tree-diy-tinkering-instructions-kids-tinkering

Decorate and do handicrafts with the children

Craft ideas-christmas-recycling-soup cans-christmas-tree-diy-child

Christmas wreath


Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas door wreath made of tin cans


Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas door wreath in red


Make holes in the soup cans and paint them red


Tie the soup cans in the shape of a ring and fix with hot glue

tinkering-ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas-wreath-soup-cans-diy-red-hot glue

Decorate the Christmas wreath beautifully and hang it up


Craft ideas for Christmas made from recycled materials


Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas decorations made from PET bottles

tinkering-ideas-christmas-recycling - christmas-tree-pet-bottles-creative-sustainable

Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas decorations made from transparent PET bottles


Imaginative craft ideas for Christmas made from recycled materials







Craft ideas for Christmas – small Christmas trees made from magazines

Craft ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas-tree-newsprint-magazines-glitter-stars

craft ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas trees-newsprint-glitter-star

craft ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas trees-newsprint-white-glitter

craft ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas-tree-magazine-paper-newsprint-stand-wood

DIY-ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas-tree-egg cartons-green-decorated-deco

craft ideas-christmas-recycling - christmas-tree-egg cartons-paper mache-newsprint-schoen



tinkering-ideas-christmas-recycling-christmas-decorations-diy-red-egg carton-hangers




Craft ideas for Christmas tin cans-red-color-packaging

Craft-ideas-christmas-tin-cans-washitape-corrugated paper-fir tree

Craft ideas for Christmas Christmas tree-red-glass balls