Christmas decoration ideas

20 decorative home accessories – the finishing touches on Christmas

decorative home accessories christmas tree balls gold red candle

Sometimes the smallest detail is of great importance and plays an important role in the overall appearance. Choose with care decorative home accessories, that would give the finishing touches to your Christmas decorations. Here we have put together 20 helpful ideas.

Decorative home accessories in the form of shining stars

decorative home accessories rustic scandinavian star lighting christmas

These pretty stars serve as lamps and are perfect as a decorative home accessory for Christmas and a Scandinavian style of living. But also with other styles, the stars create a pleasant atmosphere and spice up the interior.

Decorative home accessories – stockings on the mantelpiece

decorative home accessories mantelpiece socks gifts fir tree candles

If you would like to achieve an American atmosphere in your home, then you can use decorative home accessories that are traditional in the USA. This also includes such stockings that are hung on the mantelpiece. Whether just as decoration or to put small gifts in there – a cozy atmosphere is guaranteed!

Decoration made of Santa Claus boots for the Christmas season

decorative home accessories boots nicholas checkered red pine cones

Of course, the Christmas decorations also include the boots for Santa Claus. How about if you make these yourself? You can then also use them as decoration in the apartment after Nicholas. If sewing is your thing, just give these decorative home accessories a try.

Decorative gingerbread houses

decorative home accessories gingerbread idea window christmas decoration

There is usually a lot of baking at Christmas time. Prepare different gingerbread shapes and then use them as decorative home accessories. You can hang them up or place them on a side table, the mantelpiece, or any other location.

Decorative home accessories and arrangements


This raised glass vase with green, shiny ornaments and pine cones will be a nice eye-catcher. Arrange with gilded leaves and twigs, pine cones. Add plenty of red flowers and ornaments, accented with a white satin ribbon.

Decorative home accessories with Swarovski® crystals

decorative-home-accessories-christmas-decoration-photo frames-jewels

Decorative home accessories with Swarovski® crystals glitter and shine and create a beautiful, wonderful atmosphere. Our favorite family photos in beautiful frames with colorful crystals are also good choices. Choose them in different sizes and they will look splendid under the other Christmas decorations on the beautifully decorated mantelpiece or on a buffet.

Decorated champagne glasses

decorative-home-accessories-christmas-decoration-servant-champagne glasses

We find this idea with the house servant particularly entertaining. Every dinner will be more convivial if your guests are invited into the house by such a figure. He looks very elegant with his white gloves, velvet vest, crisp dress shirt, bow tie, and striped pants. If the figure is full size, it will be even more realistic.

Napkin rings


Wine racks like shoes


  Doll with Christmas costume


 Photo frames decorated with crystals


 Jewelry box

santa claus sleigh christmas decoration jewelry box

 Clock on the mantelpiece


 Crystal sleigh with a deer in front


 Santa’s sleigh

decorative-home-accessories-sleigh-santa claus



White deer


Artificial Christmas trees


santa claus sleigh christmas decorations