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15 craft ideas for Christmas – make Christmas decorations with children

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Everyone has a very personal idea of ​​a perfect Christmas tree. Different colors, materials and styles make it appear individual and unique. There are no limits to decorating the Christmas tree and glass, felt or wood are artfully combined. Creative Craft ideas for Christmas enlarge the collection of Christmas decorations and thus personal accents are set that will remind of the beautiful, sociable moments even after years.

Craft ideas for Christmas – make Christmas tree decorations yourself


Regardless of whether you are more of a lover of classic Christmas decorations, whether you like it colorful and cheerful or cool and modern – glass Christmas tree balls belong to every Christmas tree decoration. The fine glass balls are traditionally made by hand. Hand-blown glass Christmas tree decorations have a long history and a deep meaning for the shapes and figures that are anchored in every culture. Among the thematic pendants for the Christmas tree, there are now very modern and often trend-oriented ornaments.

Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas balls made of glass

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Making the right selection of Christmas tree decorations is a very personal difficulty. Attention should be paid to the combination of colors of the Christmas tree balls with the ornaments and figures. After you have mastered this obstacle, you can only enjoy a successful total work of art of your self-created Christmas decoration, with everything that goes with it.

Craft ideas for Christmas with Christmas balls – Coloring transparent Christmas balls

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The colors green and red are symbolic of the Christmas season and are still used today, mostly in combination with white or silver, which are associated with snow and winter. Green embodies hope and red is supposed to remind of the blood of Christ. But now there are no colors that do not appear in the festive Christmas decorations. Mostly it is adapted to the style of living and selected in a harmonious color.

Craft ideas for Christmas – design your own modern Christmas balls

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Fortunately, among the craft and hobby needs there are which balls to hang out of clear glass. These are transparent, not tied to a pendant and are ideal for all craft ideas for Christmas. Each glass ball has an opening on one side where the pendant is attached. With the clear, non-decorated balls, there is the option of shaking paint into the opening or adding small decorative elements that fit through the opening.

Craft ideas for Christmas with a chic flair – Christmas balls decorated with gold leaf

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If the clear glass ball is colored from the inside, the shiny surface of the glass remains on the outside. This can also be imaginatively decorated if desired. It looks very imaginative and particularly effective when color is combined with metallic nuances. In the sample photo, gold leaf was used for the exterior decoration. Alternatively, glitter and glitter, which you can attach with transparent glue, are also suitable.

Craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas balls with childrendecorate rn


The conventional Christmas balls, which you can get from every store, can be designed very nicely and individually. Children’s fingers play the main role in this creative handicraft idea for Christmas.

Christmas crafts with children – Christmas balls with deer motif

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With their fingerprint, every child can press a glass ball several times, resulting in a cheerful Christmas decoration with deer motifs. It is important to choose simple, single-colored Christmas balls and distribute them fairly among the children. It is best to write the personal monogram for each child on the glass surface. This handicraft idea is not only a creative leisure activity, but also a happy memory that still stays alive years after all the glass balls are broken.

Handicrafts with children for Christmas – Materials required


For these simple Christmas crafts with children, you don’t need a lot:

  • Christmas balls – color and number of your choice
  • Acrylic paints – brown, black and red
  • black felt pen

Simple craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas tree decorations decorated with fingerprints


Put in a bit of brown acrylic paint on a plate or flat container. Each child should only dip the surface of one finger, for example the thumb, in the paint and then leave an imprint on the glass ball, but not press it too hard so that the fine glass breaks. The thumb is dipped into the paint again and then pressed again onto the surface of the glass sphere.

Craft ideas for children – deer with a fingerprint


When the brown paint dries out completely, you or the child yourself paint two black dots for the eyes and a larger one in red for the red nose of the deer. The deer horns are best drawn with the black felt pen. When all the colors are dry, you have your custom Christmas baubles ready. Hang them anywhere in your home or give them as a small gift to your relatives that will be remembered.

Small craft ideas for Christmas – Christmas balls with a difference

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The transparent glass balls can be filled with all the small colorful objects of your choice, which represent beautiful chaotic patterns. Lego bricks, colorful cotton balls, beads, glitter, glass bricks, even pieces of fabric are put in if their size is smaller than the opening of the glass ball. Then just insert the ball hanger and hang the original Christmas ball on the Christmas tree. When the Christmas season is over, the small elements can be taken out of the glass sphere and used appropriately when necessary.

Fill the transparent Christmas ball with beads, Lego bricks and other small parts


Craft ideas for Christmas for children of all ages


Christmas crafts made of paper – Christmas balls made of paper


Beautiful Christmas tree decorations are made from recycled materials, which means that nature is spared a lot. This does not necessarily mean that the materials used should already be used. Craft paper can be easily recycled and is even cheaper than plastic. Take patterned cardboard and cut it into strips of the same size. Place the strips crossed against each other in the middle so that the ends form a circle. Fix one in the middle, then bend the strips and then and attach at the opposite point.

Craft ideas for Christmas – make Christmas tree decorations yourself


Original Christmas tree decorations can be made from very different materials that are safely lying around in every household. Small scraps of fabric with a beautiful, colored pattern do not have to be thrown away, but collected when the opportunity arises. Using the simple template, cut out the figure of a schematic bird. Fill with cotton wool and sew tightly.

Craft ideas for Christmas – bird template


Simple and original craft ideas for Christmas – decorate the star with matches


A wonderful star is created from a match and cardboard. All you have to do is cut the star out of cardboard using the template and attach the matches to the surface with transparent all-purpose glue. Pay attention to the beautiful arrangement of the matches, as this gives the optically attractive structure.

Craft ideas for Christmas – star template


Craft ideas with children for Christmas – Christmas tree decorations made of lollipops


Christmas decorations as sweet as real sugar! And you can make it yourself at home. All you need are biscuit molds with beautiful Christmas motifs. Cover a baking sheet with baking paper, place the molds on it and fill up with lozenges, ideally those that are red and white. Bake at a low temperature and do not leave unattended.

Creative craft ideas for Christmas – melting lollipops 


Make Christmas decorations yourself – lollipops from sponge pads


White sponge pads turn into lollipops in seconds. All you need are white sponge pads, the same number of wooden skewers and red glitter paint. Attach the pads to the sausage skewers and paint the typical lollipop pattern. Just leave to air dry.

Beautiful craft ideas for Christmas – bells 


You bind the small decorative bells with glittering pipe cleaners and in this way bring them to the Christmas tree in a stable and visually attractive way.

Craft ideas made of wood for Christmas – Christmas trees to hang up

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Great pendants for the Christmas tree can be made from natural materials such as wood and all found objects from nature. These are creative and go wonderfully with the fir green. Experiment and use different materials that can also be found in the household, in the park or in your own garden.

DIY Christmas decorations – Christmas tree decorations made from natural materials

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