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Create pink nursery for little princess

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Children love the world of fantasy and enjoy imagining life there – dragons, knights and princesses. A pink nursery with princess theme is the natural choice for girls. A few splashes of color, a few fairytale pieces of furniture and decorative elements – you have a wonderful bedroom for little Princess.

Barbie pink nursery design for little princess


Start with the wall paint. Planning the bedroom for little Princess can include the classic colors of pink and purple, but you can bring in gem tones like turquoise, jade, ruby ​​red, and amethyst. Add metallic sheen of silver, gold, bronze and copper to create a regal atmosphere in the bedroom.

Bedroom for little princess – Disney theme

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Add some accent colors. The fabulous look can also be achieved with accents of white, pale peach or floral designs. The modern princess enjoys colorful wall tattoos and posters of her lovely fairy tale characters.

Pink Accents – Pink Carpet and Wall Decals

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Decorate the bed. It wouldn’t be a real nursery for little Princess without any kind of ornamentation or drapery on the bed. This doesn’t have to be a huge investment. You can improvise a canopy over the bed with a simple mosquito net. You can create the illusion of an ornate headboard by using wall decals or painting directly on the wall behind the bed. Tie bows or invest in some lace pillows.

pink children’s room with princess theme and four-poster bed


other decorative elements. You can ins pink nursery Put pictures of your favorite princesses on the wastepaper basket, bedspread and curtains. Lamps sprayed with gold spray, bouquets of paper flowers or treasure chests.

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Disney princesses in the children’s bedroom decoration


Personalize the roughm for your little Princess. Add name tags, children elevation meters, family photos in the frame that you have painted with spray and decorated with glitter or sequins. Let your child make a small project for the room, such as painting on the bedside table or stool in princess colors.

pink bedroom for princess

pink bedroom princess

pink nursery design for little princesses




bedroom princess disney theme


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