Children's room, bedroom

Children’s room furnishings – choose the furniture


the Nursery decor planning can prove to be more difficult than expected. The individuality and character of the children should be taken into account. The children need a room to dream and play – it should arouse the creativity of the little ones, but also have comfortable furniture. The functions that a child’s room performs are infinite – they play, learn, rest, communicate and get to know the world. Be inspired by our ideas and don’t forget to ask your child about their opinion – they should ultimately like their room.

Blue nursery decor


Children grow up and so should she Nursery decor correspond to the different periods in the life of the children – toy boxes, colored wall tattoos, a desk and many cupboards should not be missing in the room. Multifunctional and, if possible, spacious, the room should best be furnished with simple furniture in light colors. The other decorations can be left to the children.

 Children’s room furnishings – practical and convenient


A bed with a lower shelf offers a lot of storage space, a bunk bed is another alternative that saves space. Bookshelves are an absolute must, the desk and chair should be ergonomically designed. the Nursery decor  can possibly be decorated with colorful pictures.

Small nursery design idea


Playground with a wall tattoo in the children’s room