Traveling by car at Christmas – with good preparation to your destination

Traveling at Christmas car-stress-free-tips-preparation

Just in time for Christmas, many families will once again load their cars and make their way to their loved ones in the distance. Sounds like relaxation, but it can also be very exhausting, especially with small children. So that traveling at Christmas does not become an additional stress factor, parents should make some preparations for the long journey.

When they think of a long drive with the whole family, many parents get downright horror: a fully packed car, the little ones are annoyed, no longer want to sit still and then you get lost and unnecessarily use fuel and money. It really doesn’t have to be that close before the holidays. With good preparation, longer car journeys with the children can even be really fun.

Traveling at Christmas – getting the car in good shape

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Before the adventurous drive can start, the vehicle has to be brought up to scratch. Anyone who drives a lot knows how important a good vehicle is for long journeys. So that money is not thrown out of the car window unnecessarily for such family trips, diesel is recommended instead of gasoline – economical, low-noise and now very much in vogue. Even sports car manufacturers such as Porsche rely on diesel engines for their models, for example the Cayenne S – also a hit on car sales exchanges such as Autoscout24.

Traveling at Christmas luggage-luggage-loaded

Once the right vehicle is there, it has to be properly loaded. The best thing to do is to stow as many things as possible in the trunk – except for things that you might need while driving. If the passenger cell is too full, things lying around can quickly become really dangerous in the event of sharp braking. Therefore: always put heavy pieces of luggage down, while stowing bags and suitcases as possible across the direction of travel. Before embarking on any long trip, you should As a precaution, the vehicle must be put through its paces – Check the brakes, coolant and tires very carefully.

Traveling at Christmas – tips for a relaxed journey


Of course, longer car journeys with children can also be fun. But they don’t have to be drawn out unnecessarily. Therefore, route planning should be the be-all and end-all, especially in the run-up to Christmas. In general, main travel days such as Fridays and Saturdays should be avoided if possible. If you are traveling over the holidays, you should not necessarily leave the day before Christmas Eve.


When traveling with children, make sure that you take a break of half an hour every 2 hours. A short detour to the rest stop can sometimes work wonders. Preferably in advance inform about various rest stops and choose a suitable one for lunchtime. But parents should also ensure sufficient food and entertainment during the journey. Solve the common puzzles, read stories to each other and simple Word and memory games Boredom has no chance on board. After all, you want to start the holidays full of energy and in a good mood.




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