The new VW Twin-Up Concept 2013 – performance and design are impressive

VW Twin Up concept in front 1

Volkswagen is a world-famous automaker that enjoys great popularity in Germany. VW Twin-Up Concept 2013 impresses all fans of the brand with its high level of efficiency. Design and technical performances are much improved. In this article you will find more about the improvements and the excellent features of the model.

The 2013 VW twin-up concept impresses with its efficiency

Twin Up Concept 2013 interior

At the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, the 2013 VW twin-up concept with a carbon body was presented. Thanks to its combination of good aerodynamics, a weight of 1.2 tons, lightweight plug-in drive parts and the low rolling resistance of the 165/65 R15 wheels, the Volkswagen Twin Up 2013 impresses with its efficiency. The 2013 Volkswagen twin-up concept draws its power from the 0.8-liter TDI with two cylinders and 48 hp and the electric motor.

The VW Twin-Up Concept 2013 – excellent special features

Twin Up Concept 2013 rear 1

The diesel engine brings it to 47.6 hp with a maximum torque of 119 Nm, while the electric motor brings it to another 47 hp. This leads to a combined output of 75 hp and a maximum torque of 215 Nm. A seven-speed dual clutch drive transfers this energy to the front wheels. The drive unit is at the front. The lithium-ion battery with 8.6 kilowatt hours and the 33-liter diesel tank are located under the rear seat bench and the trunk. The VW twin-up concept 2013 makes it from zero to 100 km / h in 15.7 seconds and has a top speed of 140 km / h.

You can see the improved design in the photo gallery below.

VW Concept 2013 in front    Twin Up Concept 2013 electric motor1

VW Concept 2013 electric motor

VW Twin Up 2013 equipment2

Twin Up Concept 2013 equipment

VW Concept 2013 equipment1

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