The new Mercedes motorhome: an X-Class with a living room from Tischer

mercedes motorhome x-class camper living room table bathroom shower kitchen

The new Mercedes motorhome was presented at the last CMT in January 2018. It is a top-equipped variant of the Mercedes X-Class with a living space. With a living room with table, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, the pick-up is comparable to a mobile home and even better due to the all-wheel drive. The cabin has space for three to four people or a 150 cm wide bed. What more could the camper’s heart ask for? In the following we inform you about the new model from Mercedes.

The new Mercedes motorhome: a pick-up with a cabin and top equipment

mercedes motorhome x-class pick-up off-road vehicle all-wheel drive

The new Mercedes motorhome is actually based on the X-Class pick-up. A Tail 230 S table is set up on the loading area and the off-road vehicle is converted into a mobile home. The living cabin is almost 2 meters long and 1.5 m wide and opens to the side (hence the S designation). It has supports and can be parked and, for example, attached to another vehicle with similar dimensions such as Nissan Navara or VW Amarok. The living cabin is well equipped and has a mini kitchen with 3-burner gas stove, a seating area for three to four people that can be quickly converted into a 150 cm wide bed. It actually gets pretty tight when more than two people have to stay there.

mercedes motorhome x-class camper motorhome table living room kitchen

A bathroom with shower and toilet is also available. However, it is a really small wet room and only very narrow people manage to close the sliding door behind them. The limited space is optimally used for this and everything is designed to be multifunctional. So the sink and shower are above the toilet. You have 96 liters of fresh water for showering and rinsing and the tank for waste water has a volume of 45 liters. Your own heating ensures a certain independence when camping. Depending on the equipment, the pick-up including cabin is up to three meters high. These can be purchased from Tischer for around 31,000 euros.

mercedes motorhome x-class camper pickup base loading area

In this Mercedes motorhome, the table living room is mounted on the loading area of ​​the conventional Mercedes X-Class model. The pick-up is available in variants with a 163 or 190 hp diesel engine with drive for the rear wheels or with a switchable all-wheel drive. The prices start at around 37,000 euros. The whole motorhome comes to around 68,000 euros.

Mercedes motorhome with a fold-out kitchen block

mercedes motorhome x-class camper equipment pick-up

Another variant of the Mercedes motorhome was shown at the CMT. A functional kitchen block is installed instead of a carpenter’s living room. It weighs an impressive 250 kg and was developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of camping equipment VanEssa. The small kitchen consists of several functional units that can be pushed out and in. A stove, a cool box and a sink are integrated and there is also a small kitchen plate and space for dishes. All kitchen equipment is protected by a teak panel, which also functions as a classy deck cover. This also includes a tent that can be pulled out in bad weather.

mercedes motorhome x-class camper living room kitchen equipment

The two variants of the new Mercedes motorhome are about concepts that are not currently available as options for the Mercedes X-Class.

mercedes motorhome x-class camper interior model seats

mercedes motorhome x-class camper pick-up four-wheel drive