The new Mercedes C-Class 2014 pleasantly surprises car lovers

italian designer modern functional added elegant front

The presentation of the new C-Class is eagerly awaited by car enthusiasts. Some journalists were lucky enough to sit down in the car and look at the interior. Everyone agrees – the new Mercedes C-Class 2014 can count on a great success in 2014.

The new Mercedes C-Class 2014 ensures faster operation and a comfortable ride

interior attractively equipped leather interior wood elements

The new Mercedes C-Class 2014 differs from its predecessors by a completely new design – classic Italian shapes and flowing lines. To this, expediency is added by the Germans. One development will impress the audience, namely the fast operation using touchpads. The driver and front passenger can use their fingers to choose their situation, set the air conditioning or control the infotainment system. As an alternative for people who are not really enthusiastic about the touchpad, there is a multifunctional push button that doubles the touchpad. Among the materials used for the interior are natural wood and very expensive leather, which is used to cover both the seats and the doors. Panorama roof enables more light to be flooded through.

The new Mercedes C-Class 2014 will be improved in many aspects

New version of Mercedes star hood pneumatic shock absorbers

The function of the air conditioning system in the new C-Class has been much improved. With the help of GPS, the various work regimes are activated by themselves. The new Mercedes C-Class 2014 is the first model from this standard equipment that has pneumatic suspension. Since the equipment also includes two stereoscopic cameras that can scan 500 m in front of the car, and the system that provides additional protection for those sitting inside, this increases the safety of driving with the new series model. One of the most special features is that the new C-Class and the new S-Class are very similar to each other.

interior screen wide effect air conditioning activated alone

car safe stable street stereoscopic cameras run fast

The new mercedes c class 2014 lightweight control system function

rear part photographed only journalists are allowed to see cars