The new BMW R nineT 2014 – To celebrate 90 years of motorcycle history

R nineT 2014 left side2

BMW has the new one BMW R nineT 2014 released. The classic roadster is available in honor of the 90th anniversary. It is primarily intended for motorcycle fans who long for pure, stress-free driving pleasure.

BMW R nineT 2014 guarantees driving pleasure

BMW nineT 2014 front 3

BMW surprises its loyal fans. The manufacturer continues to improve the design and performance of its works. The impressive engine of the new one BMW R nineT 2014 is a two-cylinder boxer engine that enables rapid acceleration from a standstill. The 1170 cm³ boxer with air / oil cooling produces 81 kW (110 hp) at a speed of 7550. The maximum torque is 119 Nm at 6000 rpm. The removable end piece of the rear frame makes the design of the nineT even more stylish and the rear, which is available as a special accessory in aluminum, is reminiscent of the early cafe racers.

BMW R nineT 2014 has more flexibility

BMW R 2014 rear2

The exhaust system comes with two mufflers. The black metallic “Black Storm” with silver and metallic highlights also underlines the character of the nineT. Design is unique and makes the model look more interesting. The engine electrics were developed in such a way that more technical flexibility is possible. The new BMW R nineT 2014 has high-quality wire-spoke wheels with black 6-inch rims, spokes made of stainless steel and tubular tires.

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R nineT 2014 in front

BMW nineT 2014 tires

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