The new Audi A8L 2014 with turbo diesel engine – a car for connoisseurs

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Anyone who has watched the Le Mans 24-hour race in recent years is aware of Audi’s diesel technology, which is far better than that of any other automaker. Now the company has its auto-ignition system in its largest sedan, the Audi A8, built in, which reduces the consumption to that of a small car, but offers all the accessories that you would expect when buying a real family car.

Audi A8L 2014 TDI with weight-saving aluminum structure

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Of the Audi A8L 2014, where L stands for “long wheelbase”, is Audi’s leading four-door, this time the company opted for a 3.0 liter turbo diesel engine. In terms of price, the Audi A8L 2014 the place directly above the A8L 3.0T, which is priced at $ 79,695, although the price is different when choosing extras such as the Bang audio system & Olufsen, valued at $ 6,300, already pretty much nearing 100,000. That was the case with our test car, which was valued at $ 99,445.

The torque of the Audi A8L 2014 The 3.0 TDI is big, as you’d expect, though it’s likely not a suitable luxury sled for those who want to drive it primarily on tarmac. Dennosch, the diesel has the ability to overcome its inertia. After all, 96 km / h in 6.4 seconds is not exactly low for a vehicle with a weight of 2 tons. How good that there is the weight-saving aluminum structure. But turbodiesel is not that fast either, because it was compared to that A8L with 3.0 liter gas turbo V-6, 333 hp and 325 lb-ft one second faster, the S8 achieves this speed in 3.6 and the A8L 4.0 oT in 3.9 seconds. So high speed lovers can still get what they want.

Audi A8L 2014 TDI – impressive technical data

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With diesel engines, however, it is more about consumption than about speed. In this regard, the TDI scores more than any of the other properties of the A8L. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a city consumption of 9.8 and a highway consumption of 6.5 L per 100 km for the TDI 18/28 with the 3.0 gas engine. In our test we came to 7.3 L per 100 km for the TDI and 11.2 for the 3.0T.

It has to be said that the wealthier are less likely to care about fuel consumption. At least the torque is the Audi A8L 2014 TDI a plus for everyday life and ensures additional enjoyment through its 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. In sport mode, quick reactions are ensured, with the large sedan having the same ease of handling, albeit softened by weight, as the rest of the A8 line.

Audi A8L 2014 – impressive braking system

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The braking system of the is even more impressive Audi A8L 2014 TDI. At 45 meters at a speed of 113 km / h, the driver can brake as often as he wants without causing brake fading. The only flaw in the dynamics is with the power steering, a traditional hydraulic unit that, while fast, accurate, and sensitive to touch, becomes clumsy at low speed. However, we are reassured by the fact that few owners are likely to get into such situations.

Apart from this disadvantage, the impressive Audi A8L 2014 TDI with its long wheelbase. It is large, elegant and nicely decorated, with enough space for the local Illuminati meeting. However, unlike other large A8 models, it offers fairly low fuel consumption. Once again, it proves Audi’s ability to secure a prize for its vehicles in races.

The car impresses with both technical data and a luxurious interior

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