The mysterious Hamann Mystere Range Rover 2014

Rover Mystere front LED daylights

Hamann has to his Mystere Range Rover 2014 Program added a new model. The earlier version was Finnish with pink, while the new version impresses with its simple look and matt gray color. The car was recently presented to fans in Frankfurt.

Mystere Range Rover 2014 scores with a modern look

Mystere Range Rover gray color side view

Front has the new Mystere Range Rover 2014 received a spoiler from Hamann with integrated LED daylights. The carbon front panels, the original door look and the wheel arches contribute to a dynamic look. The 23-inch forged rims protect the 305/30 R23 car tires. Inside, too, the car impresses with its elegant shapes and harmonious aesthetics – the leather seats are embellished with the company logo, the door sills are made of high-quality stainless steel. The car is available with three and five doors.

Mystere Range Rover 2014 – great distinctive character

Rover Mystere version front view

The new Mystere Range Rover 2014 presents itself not only through a special aesthetic with a high level of attraction. The frame ensures an even better road holding. In terms of reliability, too, the new version should score points compared to its pink predecessor. The car is powered by a 5 liter V8 engine, but the manufacturer has not disclosed any further details about maximum speed and acceleration.

Mystere interior design coupe black leather seats

Range Rover interior video audio system

Rover 2014 interior leather seat company logo

Range Rover logo clutch brake

Range Rover 2014 rear side silver color