The Honda CB360 as inspiration for a Federal Moto motorcycle

honda cb 360 motorcycle antique design forest

Motorroad fans take note, because we would like to introduce you to a unique model that is sure to make your heart beat faster. It’s especially perfect for those of you who are into and appreciate retro pieces. This article is about a practical motorcycle made by the Honda CB360 was inspired. Find out more about this below.

Honda CB360 – The motorcycle from the front

motorcycle design honda cb360 front headlight wheel

The custom and impressive motorcycle with the design of the Honda CB360 comes from a small garage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company that is responsible for the production is called FEDERAL Moto. It’s a great steel horse for young people. It consists of simple and clean lines, is easy to use and reliable, and guarantees you the perfect ride through the busy city traffic. As already mentioned, the motorcycle is based on a Honda CB360 and was named “The Couch Surfer” in honor of the customer, a young man who lives, works and likes to party in the city center. Such a dynamic person needs a fast and elegant motorcycle to get to work quickly despite the city traffic and to be able to enjoy the way back. Not a bad idea, right?

Honda CB360 – The motorcycle from behind

honda cb360 rear brake light modern retro forest

The tank of the Honda CB360

blue design metal honda motorcycle cb360 tank

The tank of the Honda in steel blue

tank blue motorcycle cb 360 federal moto

The Honda CB360 motorcycle is perfect for walking

side view honda cb360 japanese federal moto

The motorcycle is based on a Honda CB360

honda cb360 front rear retro design idea

The Honda is comfortable and perfect for everyday use

motorcyclist walk forest honda helmet cb360

A Honda for retro lovers

retro design idea federal motors cb360 honda

The motorcycle comes from Federal Moto.