The design of the BMW model ‘Vision Future Luxury‘


At the beginning of April 2014, BMW Design Munich invited you to take a first look at the “Vision Future Luxury”, a high-tech four-door sedan that paves the way for the company’s pioneering fusion of exclusivity and innovation. What is emphasized in this concept is the precisely constructed exterior design, engineered with lightweight materials and refined interior craftsmanship, which seamlessly connects via the user interface and the driving experience as a whole.

The BMW model of the future

BMW luxury side picture light design

“The design from BMW model ‘Vision Future Luxury‘ is the messenger of our philosophy of modern luxury, a philosophy in which innovative technologies play an important and decisive role, ”explains Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design. “These innovations deliver a new, multi-faceted luxury experience, it includes intelligent lightweight construction, innovative interior architecture and a radically new user interface design.”

The facade of the BMW model “Vision Future Luxury”


The exterior design shows the expanded study of aerodynamics and innovative lightweight construction. The coupé with the stylish roof line and the sloping trunk lid, for example, significantly reduces air resistance. The facade from BMW model “Vision Future Luxury” includes aerodynamic details such as a ventilation system on the back of the front wheel arches, to a C-pillar with internal air ducting and openings in the rear apron that ventilate the air from the wheel arches.

The opinion of the professionals


‘Innovative technology and modern luxury have always been an important part of the BMW brand,’ says Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW chief designer. ‘We use vehicles with an imaginative concept like the BMW “Vision Future Luxury” to show where we want to go in the future with these topics and to give us new inspiration and motivation. Of the BMW model “Vision Future Luxury” with its innovative technologies and with its accurate precision and quality in every detail directs our thinking to modern luxury and takes it a logical step further. “

Luxury on four wheels


Clean and simple in design, the traditional BMW front-end design elements proclaim the identity of the “Vision Future Luxury” model, with two kidney-shaped grilles and BMW laser light headlights. In the coming years, the technology will pave the way for a flat and dynamic interpretation of the typical BMW double round headlights, which are up to ten times more powerful than those of an LED system, thanks to a concentrated, parallel light beam system.

Design from the exterior


The carbon fiber layers are clearly visible in the doors, under the seats and in the completely shortened B-pillar. Due to this innovative design element, the carbon fiber construction enables the seat frame to be integrated into the supporting structure.

As on the front, the body styling is deliberately not emphasized, so that the innovative, narrow and slender lights can make a strong statement; the horizontal lines of the side profile slide gently away to the rear. For the first time on a BMW, the rear lighting is provided by efficient OLEDs. The system consists of extremely thin organic semiconductor layers positioned between two electrodes. The light-emitting polymer layer measures approximately 400 nanometers thick, which is approximately 400 times thinner than a human hair.

Innovations in the interior


With the “Vision Future Luxury” model, BMW has completely reinvented its primary driver display, a “contact-analog” heads-up display. This technology expands your view of the real world by projecting information directly into the line of sight when looking at the road. Buildings, traffic signs and even potential hazards can be highlighted directly in a real-life scenario. Passengers also get their own information display. The touchscreen is connected to the driver information display, where information can easily be exchanged between the occupants with swiping movements.

Inside area – coupe


As with the interior, it has also been achieved here: a new style – user interface – design and BMW drive, combined with its services, bind together the “Vision Future Luxury” program. In the area of ​​the driver and front passenger, precisely defined lines and surfaces create a feeling of exclusive dynamism. While the main user in the front cockpit is surrounded by a wrap-around cluster of three harmonizing displays. This 3D display technology spreads the effect that the instrument panel merges into the screens themselves.

Driving a BMW – a pleasure in all seasons


The left display mainly presents vehicle-related information, while the one in the middle, a programmable display, shows speedometer info, tachometer info and other information, as well as context – adaptive additional data. The right display, the driver information display, provides additional information. The driver also has the option to set the control of all these functions by voice command.

A luxury on all sides

BMW Future Luxury concept design boom model

The interior design is the focus of the “vision, future, luxury” model. The specific functions of each component are created from a unique piece and the same interlayer structure that includes many different layers and materials. A first layer of carbon fiber fabric becomes the base for the user interface; Control and interactive displays and intelligent lighting systems are held together by a support profile made of aluminum. The upper layers are covered with wood and leather to create a warm and balanced atmosphere.

Innovative materials in the execution


At the rear, two rear seat displays are integrated into a carbon fiber structure, with a removable rear seat touch tablet. These screens can come in contact with the front displays and also with the BMW drive connected services. Everything you need is displayed here: information about the trip, such as speed and travel time, for example. The feeling of privacy is accentuated by the flowing geometry and the use of high-quality materials such as silk, nubuck leather and layered wood. Strategically placed, light strips integrated into the wood round off the interior.

How do you think you would feel in such a great car?


BMW Future Luxury model open door

BMW Future Luxury model rear design