Building a carport – what should be considered when planning?

Carport build modern-house style-adapted

If the car is outside, it will be snowed in in winter. The vehicle parked in the strong summer sun quickly becomes a sauna. Whether aggressive UV radiation, pollen, bird droppings, rain, hail or snow – your vehicle needs effective protection against the weather at any time of the year. The solution: build a carport. In contrast to a garage, carports are cheaper to buy, allow good air circulation and can be optically integrated into any environment. A carport is also versatile. Under the roof you can still accommodate guests at barbecue parties during rain showers or do repair and handicraft work. Today we’re going to give you a few tips that could help you plan your carport.

Build a carport – do you need a building permit?

Carport build wood-frame-polycarbonate-multi-skin sheets-roof-hail-proof

Before you start building your carport, there are still some bureaucratic matters to consider. A carport generally represents a fixed structural change and is therefore generally subject to approval. Nevertheless, a building permit is not mandatory everywhere, but a matter for the federal states. Whether a carport building permit is not required usually depends on the size and type of construction.

In Thuringia, for example, according to the current building regulations, carports with a floor area of ​​up to 40 square meters and an average wall height of up to 3 meters do not require approval. In Hamburg only the limit distance of 3 meters around the carport has to be observed. In Hesse, from 2010 carports that are no larger than 50 square meters can also be built without a building permit.

Find out from the responsible building authority whether you need a building permit or not and, if so, which documents you need for your building application. The conditions for a successful building application seem complicated at first, but with carports there are almost never approval problems – in contrast to garages. If the specifications are followed, you can start building in a short time.

Have a carport built or build it yourself?

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With a kit, the carport can be set up very quickly and you don’t have to worry too much about planning. But building a carport yourself has the great advantage that everything can be adapted in color and shape to your own ideas and the style of the house. Regardless of whether it is a kit or your own planning decent foundation and a professional assembly is the be-all and end-all. The posts that are supposed to support the roof have to be put firmly into the ground and not just rammed into the ground. If the wobbly carport damages third parties or third-party buildings during a storm, you are liable. A point or strip foundation is sufficient.

Building a carport – the choice of materials


When planning the carport, the question of the suitable material also arises. The carport substructure is mainly made of wood, but steel or aluminum is far better suited to a modern house. In most cases, they are supplemented with transparent roof panels.

The advantages of metal constructions are also evident in terms of maintenance: while the wood has to be painted at regular intervals, only occasional cleaning with water or a high-pressure device is sufficient for metal. In addition, both materials are weatherproof and stable. An aluminum carport can also be individually designed in terms of color with all powder coatings.

Build a carport – the quality of the roof is crucial

Carport build multi-skin sheets-hail-proof-roof pitch-white-aluminum-frame

Anyone who has decided on a shelter is next faced with the question: which roof is best for a carport? Here you can choose between classic, sophisticated and modern roof shapes such as flat and hipped roof, pitched roof, round roof, green roof, etc. Each of these offers specific benefits and requirements that should be considered, such as slope, roofing, waterproofing, and insulation. When planning the roof shape, sufficient drains, slopes and gutters should also be taken into account. Without an effective drainage system, rainwater and snowmelt will stick to the roof.

The right roofing material is crucial for the overall impression of the carport. You also have the choice between different roof coverings: PVC, wood, aluminum, glass, roof cladding and much more. The, for example, prove to be a good alternative to the modern glass roof Polycarbonate double wall sheets. These are lightweight and shock-resistant twin-wall sheets made of polycarbonate. These are UV-resistant and impress with their high breaking and impact resistance. The multi-skin sheets are also perfect as a carport roof, because they are hail-proof up to a certain grain size. You can save yourself a lot of hail damage to your car.

How many pages open?

carport-metal-aluminum-black-corrugated sheet-roof

Another plus compared to the garage: The open construction of the carports ensures constant gentle air circulation, which prevents rust from forming on the vehicle. There are a number of different options. Carports are free-standing or leaned against the house wall, open on all sides or partially closed, as double carports or combinations with a shed.

With wall elements, for example, you can close the open carport on two or three sides and give it a completely new look. Versatile design and configuration options can turn your carport into a representative eye-catcher in the driveway. Also think of the prevailing wind direction so that effective protection against wind, driving rain and blowing snow is created at this point.

Carport lighting

lighting -simple-wall-lights-house facade-stairs

The lighting of the carport is very important and should not be neglected. In order to prevent scratches and to have proper lighting conditions, a well thought-out lighting concept is a must. Here are a few tips:

– Ceiling lights should not be mounted centrally above the vehicle. It is better to place the lights around the car. Luminaires on the side walls or recessed luminaires in the floor, for example, allow the light to be distributed evenly in the room.

– Outdoor lights with motion detectors that react to thermal radiation are extremely practical.

– Resistance to moisture and water is important for the use of luminaires outdoors. Pay attention to the protection class IP 44.

– The carport lighting should not dazzle or annoy the neighbors.