BMW Apollo Streamliner motorcycle with a futuristic design

bmw apollo streamliner design futuristic motorcycle

If you are a fan of BMW and especially of the motorcycles of this brand, then this design will definitely amaze you. The motorcycle BMW Apollo Streamliner is a design by Mehmet Doruk Erdem and is probably less suitable for everyday use. It was actually created as a private project, with the designer focusing specifically on the speed and performance of the motorcycle. In doing so, Erdem did not completely change the design of BMW, but retained it with a few key details. You can take a closer look at the original design of this stunning BMW Apollo Streamliner motorcycle in our gallery below.

BMW Apollo Streamliner with brown seat

bmw apollo streamliner silver side rear wheel seat brown

The design is a combination of futuristic and traditional styles, the latter being characterized by the brown seat, the visible engine and the rear wheel suspension. The futuristic side of the BMW Apollo Streamliner motorcycle is the front part. It fulfills exactly the purpose that every front apron should have. The counter air should be able to slide along without affecting the driver or the performance of the motorcycle.

BMW Apollo Streamliner – a design combination of traditional and futuristic style

apollo design motorcycle bmw exhaust engine

The rear wheel is chosen to be very wide. The reason for this is most likely to ensure safe friction when driving at high speed. The front wheel, on the other hand, is completely covered by the front apron. In this way it is protected from the braking drafts of the air. Don’t you think that this BMW Apollo Streamliner design is a real eye-catcher? See for yourself!

BMW Motorrad Streamliner with a wide rear wheel

bmw streamliner modern engine exhaust rear wheel seat

Streamliner BMW with improved performance

apollo streamliner futuristic design stars milky way space

BMW Apollo Streamliner from the front

streamliner apollo front apron headlights silver paint bmw

Design by Mehmet Doruk Erdem.