2014 BMW i3 put to the test – the compact Stromer relies on eco-luxury

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It took BMW fans several years to get used to the tradition-breaking SUVs and crossovers, but electric cars are a whole different story. The new Stromer is particularly compact and electrifying 2014 BMW i3, the company’s first real series electric vehicle, following on from MINI E and 1er ActiveE concepts. These enthusiasts and traditionalists are only a small fraction of the automaker’s customers, and the BMW badge alone is responsible for a healthy portion of BMW sales. Of the 2014 BMW i3 can also improve the reputation of the electric cars as a whole, and the early orders from Europe are evidence of this.

2014 BMW i3 – test report

2014 BMW i3 concept drive test view

Nevertheless, the BMWs provide a new driving experience and the owners of this new electric car would experience it. Indeed, for people who live in a city, it could be the best vehicle they have ever driven. Much revolves around the i3 ambience. The interior is like those of some other cars, as a result of BMW’s “designed-from-scratch” approach. This isn’t a mere facelift of a standard model like the ActiveE – instead, it’s an electric car with a carbon-reinforced plastic chassis and styling that breaks the path from BMW’s existing range.

2014 BMW i3 interior

2014 BMW i3 test interior display steering wheel electricity

2014 BMW i3 ensures relaxed driving – the design itself and the airy cockpit are both praised during the test drive. The top of the dashboard is low and the TFT displays appear to float above it. All important functions are shown on a second display behind the steering wheel – parking brake, range, gear selection, etc. The fact that the i3 is so easy to drive is a big bonus. Once started, it’s entirely possible to ride with just one pedal, with sharp acceleration and smooth, precise braking. Perhaps the highest praise is that the car actually makes the driver ready to tolerate the traffic jams and chaotic city traffic. And like many other cars, it really does?

functional steering wheel

2014 BMW i3 test functional steering wheel display

airy cockpit

2014 BMW i3 test interior dashboard steering wheel

2014 BMW i3 test interior compact environmentally friendly

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BMW i3 2014 exterior city electric car drive   2014 bmw i3 city living compact car environmentally friendly

2014 BMW i3 concept test report praise

2014 bmw i3 test drive city electric car compact

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