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Offroad caravans – a real experience of nature with the Migrator from FIM Caravans

offroad caravan for a real experience of nature preparing food outdoors

With the robust Migrator Offroad caravan from the Romanian company FIM Caravans, you can explore the outside world with your 4 × 4 off-road vehicle. The camping trailer offers comfortable sleeping space for two people with additional cool functions. This also includes plenty of internal and external storage space for your luggage and equipment. For small and large appetites, the Migrator has a removable kitchenette with a sink and a counter where you can prepare your food outdoors. You also get LED lighting, a USB port for charging your tech. You also have the option of adapting these to your needs and getting a refrigerator for eating or several other extras from the catalog. The angled design is also very interesting with its double doors and a sky dome. This both lets in sunlight and protects the interior from unwanted guests.

Exciting adventures with the off-road caravan

offroad caravans for a real experience of nature with the migrator from fim caravans

FIM Caravans is a Romanian company founded in 2015. It specializes exclusively in the development and manufacture of mini caravans. The project is mainly dedicated to the innovation and development of off-road caravans. The so-called MIGRATOR is the first model that FIM Caravans brought onto the market after two years of design, prototyping and testing. The designers have designed the off-road caravan especially for use in off-road vehicles, whereby it offers compact space for two people.

offroad caravan with compact fridge bed with pillows and wood paneling

The idea is based on the category of small caravans that were manufactured in the late 1960s. Many other manufacturers still use this classic shape today. So the designers wanted to take a different approach in the mini caravan category from this off-road caravan. Because of this, they gave it a contemporary and more original look, mainly because the main objective was off-road capability.

offroad caravan equipped with a kitchenette and technical elements at the rear

MIGRATOR has a monocoque body frame and outer shell and is made entirely of reinforced fiberglass. It has 32mm polyurethane insulation that provides great protection for residents in any environment. The trailer is supplied in a special paint finish according to the buyer’s requirements and is a scratch-resistant matt paint specially developed for difficult environments.

Innovative technology

Motorhome with comfortable interior for many outdoor needs including air conditioning

This monocoque body is mounted on a metal chassis, which is equipped with a completely independent suspension for this off-road caravan. The main features of the motorhome are numerous.

offroad caravan with compact fridge bed with pillows and wood paneling

– Bed for two people with a width of 1.40 meters and a length of 2.00 meters.

– Kitchen area with sink, shower, stove, refrigerator and 40 liter fresh water tank.

– Technical area and storage room in the front part.

offroad caravan logo of migrator and taillights close up

In the design process, the developers used several programs such as AutoCad, Fusion360 and Google SketchUp. After the design process, she went to the prototype development phase, where the team made their first model out of PVC sheets. Based on this scale model, they also made fiberglass molded parts that were used to cast the final production model.

offroad caravans for a real experience of nature in use with off-road vehicles driving in the water

The company is primarily a start-up and the feedback from people has been very positive so far, especially from active nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The target market includes categories such as: fishing, hunting, hiking, kitesurfing, surfing, off-roading, etc. However, the product also generally appeals to customers who prefer a compact and easy-to-use caravan.

* You can find out more about this product on the Page of the manufacturer.

Motorhome with classic shape and design made with double doors and double bed 2 people

offroad caravan plan with sketch and functions as well as weight

Offroad caravan pvc panels used for ease of use

offroad caravan equipped with kitchenette and wash basin with fresh water