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Buildable Car Camping Box – Turn your car into a mini camper

on the hunt in the forest with a car camping box practically take a vacation with a cradle function

The problem with caravans is that you need an extra good towing vehicle with a tow bar to travel with. Because of this, when you have a smaller, less powerful car, you often have to spend more money on a suitable vehicle before you can even consider a campervan. As an alternative, the car camping box offers the same playing field so that car owners can also enjoy many of the amenities of a caravan. It is a unit with a removable set of modules that can turn the average car into a mini motorhome.

Practical car camping box to plug in

complete package of car camping box with mattress modules and components

Camping and the fun that comes with it has been ubiquitous lately. There is a fascination for the conversion of delivery vans or caddies that adventurers and lovers of the wilderness also fall back on in order to obtain a budget-friendly alternative to the caravan. For this reason, most nature lovers try to come up with new solutions, such as a car camping box. The Egoe Nestbox Van Camping Kit listed here is the perfect way to turn your vehicle into a mini camper.

plenty of space to sleep on foldable mattresses to take with you and binoculars accessories

This car camping box can be installed in the trunk of your car in just five minutes and has practical compartments for water, a refrigerator and cooking utensils. It also has a bed frame for sleeping, a foldable mattress, two compartments for a stove and, if you choose, a water container or an integrated submersible pump.

Dogs feed in the middle of nature and fold-out camping equipment for the car with harness

Also included are built-in drawers and textile bags that provide much-needed storage space for equipment preparation. Thus nomads can feel better when they explore the rural regions with their reliable vehicle. You can choose from three variants that are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.

Mobile camping equipment for every purpose

The car camping box is an assembly that turns your everyday car into a comfortable mini motorhome by simply integrating it into the trunk. You can anchor this practical camping accessory in the car within five minutes. To sleep you only need to unfold the bed frame and your car becomes a perfect mini-sized caravan. The makers were probably inspired by a Swiss product that is also very practical – the Swiss Army Knife. Its ability to combine many tools and functions in one compact, easy-to-carry package is similar to the idea for the car camping box.

car camping box with kitchen sink, gas cooker and modules for storing products

This car camping gear does exactly the same thing, but more three-dimensional. The compartments slide over special strips, cables and articulated arms in the trunk and can be put together like a 3D puzzle. The system fits perfectly in the trunk of cars ranging in size from small cars to minivans and unfolds into a functional campsite. According to the company, it should only take you about 5 minutes to assemble the car camping box, install the modules and associated components, and then be on your way.

back of transporter with car camping box and water tank

The car camping box also has an integrated fresh water tank and a waste water tank. An inverter with a USB connection, for example, also accepts mobile devices for charging and the plugs can work with additional devices such as the optional cool box. The only connection required may be an electrical connection to the vehicle battery with a cable.

Car camping box – the perfect companion for your trip

Unfold the washbasin from the car with the tap and gas burner

When you arrive at your destination, slide and fold out individual walls and surfaces to preserve almost all of the necessary areas of your campsite. Segments of the car camping box adjust to allow for a sink and double gas burner. The small storage elements can be combined to create work surfaces, tables and chairs.

Family with children having dinner in nature with a camping vehicle equipped with a camping box

All components contain tool-free hardware that you can assemble in minutes. In addition, they are modular so you can create different sizes and types, for example. Options such as refrigerators, toilets, kitchen appliances, mattresses, and organizers are also available. If you have enough space, you can even purchase a unit with more storage space.

car camping box for car as a minicamper egoe nest box landrover discovery

The Auto Campingbox actually holds on to its promise to turn your car into a full-fledged motorhome by offering sleeping options. Provided you have enough interior space and foldable rear seats, this camping equipment can be set up flat in your car and offers a bed of approx. 185 cm for two people. Just slide your sleeping bags and / or camping mattress over them and your car becomes an improvised sleeping place. However, if you want to camp with a larger group, you should bring one or the other tent with you.

white caddy with car camping box in the trunk practical solution for mini-campers

At first glance, the car camping box appears to be an ingenious addition to camping, which could be just as useful, even if there is a lot more space in the car. One of the most uncomfortable moments when preparing for camping is gathering luggage, crockery and all the other little things that are mostly scattered around the garage, basement, kitchen, etc. Most of the day is likely to be spent charging the car before heading out into the wilderness. The auto camping box eliminates much of this problem as it integrates so many components of camping. This solution also gives you a little more wildlife and weather protection than a tent, for example.