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Laying carpets – individual room solutions from Bolon

Cotton rug designs make your own geometric pattern ideas

The new carpet collection from the Swedish brand Bolon inspires with a well thought-out room concept. Geometric patterns decorate the carpets and allow certain creative freedom. So you can in both small and larger rooms Lay carpeting, and coordinate the motifs with the room conditions. Especially small rooms or rooms with many corners will benefit from this.

Laying carpets – the new collection offers creative freedom

blue white black geometric pattern

The geometric patterns characterize the collection of Bolon. The Design Wing is an excellent example of a successful mixture of functionality and expressive design. The model is offered in several color schemes and patterns – from dark blue to orange-green to black and white. Each carpet is divided into several elements that can be easily combined with one another. So everyone can determine for themselves what their floor will look like. The carpets give the room a minimalist character and create a modern ambience. The combination of a distinctive sense of style and modernity attracts attention. You can get it practically anywhere Lay carpeting – in the hallway, living room, bedroom or office. In any case, it is recommended that the room is sparingly furnished so that the floor comes into its own.

Laying carpets – elegance and style for your own home from Bolon

Ideas Swedish brand high quality purple color

Every detail is offered in several sizes – so you can choose the right one. After that, a project is created so that the carpet fits the floor perfectly. At the end the selected details are sewn together in the selected order and you can finish it Lay carpeting.

Founded in Stockholm in 1949, Bolon is a family company with a vision for the future. The company specializes in the production of high quality carpets and is one of the top brands in the home country.

Carpet with geometric patterns as an accent in the living room

Pattern types of laying original design ideas

The carpets from the collection attract attention with a minimalist look

modern geometric pattern motifs new collection

High quality manufacturing and expressive design

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Black and white carpet – perfect for the office

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Patterns of gray tiles replace the Scandinavian chair

Zag stripe black white gray modern purple armchair

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