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Exclusive carpets inspired by climate change: The Reverence Collection

carpet design unusual shape waves colors

Climate change is a growing problem that is still underestimated by many countries around the world. The Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo used climate changes such as breaking ice sheets, evaporating lakes and other phenomena as inspiration for his new collection of designer carpets. The elegant floor coverings represent the consequences of climate change and reflect the greatest problems of global warming. The collection was called Reverence and includes many exclusive carpets with special designs.

The artist designed the unusual collection for the wallpaper manufacturer Edward Fields. First of all, we present the Swell rug, which impresses with its unusual shape. The curved lines represent the pollution of the glaciers over the decades and are in line with previous works by the designer.

Exclusive carpets climate change break design black lines

The carpets in the collection are mainly characterized by abstract shapes and pastel tones and fit perfectly into any modern apartment. The designer called this carpet Break and associated it with the breaking ice surfaces. The large, gray pieces are broken through by thick, black lines and are reminiscent of the melting ice sheets in the ocean.

round carpet exclusive design pattern

Exclusive carpets in unusual shapes can set wonderful accents and have a strong impact on the room. The rupture carpet is designed like a topological image of smoldering lava pouring into the sea. The effect is further emphasized with the structured surface.

carpet design climate change breaks pattern pastel colors

Fracture is a carpet that has a successful interplay of delicate pink and various shades of gray. The design depicts the so-called canyons, the layers of which have emerged over the course of thousands of years. High and low piles create a pleasant feeling and create the elegant look of the carpet.

dark carpet accent black gray

For those who prefer the darker shades, Mastrangelo designed the Ten Thousand Years rug. Its structured surface is reminiscent of volcanic rocks and the dark color creates a dramatic effect in the room.

exclusive carpets ribbed structure beige

Since the artist draws his inspiration from nature, he recreated the sintered terraces in Yellowstone National Park when designing this rug. He named the exclusive carpet Silent Waters and designed it with a corrugated surface. Yellow-green nuances harmonize wonderfully with elegant beige and give the room warmth and cosiness.

carpet structured designer mastrangelo collection

Salt is a material that has been used in the designer’s work for more than a decade. He started with paintings made of salt and now he is integrating the motif into his carpet designs. This model is called Sal Y Mar and depicts the interplay of sea and salt.

designer carpet pastel color green lines columns

Línea is a carpet that the artist associates with casting cement. This creates several layers with a special color gradient. The shades of green that Mastrangelo chose for this design create a natural feeling and give it a fresh touch.

Exclusive carpets can give any room a new, special flair and change the feeling of space in a positive direction. The designer Fernando Mastrangelo has combined the high-quality look with a meaningful design and created this beautiful collection of elegant carpets.

* You can find out more about the designer on his website.